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Soundcheck: The 11 Best Music Releases The Week Of October 26, 2020


Every week, we bring you #SOUNDCHECK — your destination for the best new music that hit the web over the course of the week. Because you should always be prepared when someone passes you that AUX cord. This week's roundup features 11 of our favorite emerging and established artists, including Ty Dolla $ign, Jean Dawson, Erika de Casier, Slayyyter, Girlfriends, and more. Turn up, tune in, and tune out.

"Universe" - Ty Dolla $ign ft. Kehlani

Two master vocalists go at it on "Universe."


"Triple Double" - Jean Dawson ft. A$AP Rocky

Subversive, fresh, and dynamic: all words to describe Jean Dawson's forward-facing treatment of guitar music.


"Breakin Up" - Muni Long

Songwriter Muni Long sounds utterly gleeful to announce a breakup on this ear-wormy R&B track.

Orin Fleurmont

"ingydar" - Adrianne Lenker

Adrianne Lenker sings of food chains and blueberry eyes on this delicate folk tune that sounds like the ticking of a clock.


"Self Destruct" - Slayyyter ft. Wuki

Blow out the bass this Halloween with Slayyyter's sexy-spooky "Self Destruct."

Brent McKeever

"No Butterflies, No Nothing" - Erika de Casier

Fluttering harp and piano set a romantic scene on Erika de Casier's Austenian daydream, "No Butterflies, No Nothing."

Gloria Berenice Moreno

"SLIME" - Shygirl

Shygirl's hypnotic trash-talking on "SLIME" is a glimpse at club music in 2080.


"Stuck In The Sky" - María Isabel

Airy R&B + María Isabel's satiny vocals = heaven.

María Isabel

"forever is a lie" - Bea Miller

Bea Miller's clever, sardonic songwriting is on full display on this anti-forever anthem: "I've been tryna wean myself off people who are heteronormative/ And we should be arrested 'cause we're saying words like that in pop music."

"Kliptown Empyrean" - Skrillex

The world famous DJ deconstructs garage on this new track, which also sneakily includes a Lizzie McGuire sample.

"Jessica" - girlfriends

This new pop-punk duo sounds like it was zapped straight from the early aughts — from their Killers-esque sound, all the way down to naming a song after a person.

Big Noise Music Group

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