Odd Eye Circle’s “Air Force One” & 9 Other New Songs Out This Week

With Troye Sivan, Claud, and more.

Every week, we bring you SOUNDCHECK — your destination for the best new music that hit the web over the course of the week. Because you should always be prepared when someone passes you that AUX cord. This week's roundup features 10 of our favorite emerging and established artists. Follow the playlist on Spotify.

“Air Force One” - Odd Eye Circle

Welcome the radiant new beginning for LOONA’s Odd Eye Circle sub-unit, marked by racing breakbeats and hope-filled lyrics.

“Rush” - Troye Sivan

We hear the discourse. We also hear how this song immediately makes us wanna strip down to nothing and dance.

“A Good Thing” - Claud

Paul Rudd’s cameo comes second to Claud’s broody but cute ode to a relationship that’s doing good (for now).

“Tiny Garden (ft. duendita)” - Jamila Woods

“It’s gonna be a tiny garden, but I feed it everyday,” sings Jamila Woods, a lyric that’s also a nourishing aphorism to live your life.

“Affirmations” - Hannah Diamond

A slick hyperpop beat helps keep Hannah Diamond’s catchy “Affirmations” from sliding too far down the inspirational quotes aisle.

“Barbie” - 454, Surf Gang

Petition to put rapper 454 and Surf Gang’s romantic “Barbie” on the official soundtrack.

“Imitate” - Bava

With multiple viral hits and a collab with Morgan Maher under her belt, Bava is turning out to be one of this moment’s most intriguing and promising players in pop.

“chain” - Aziya

Aziya is big on TikTok, but her music — lo-fi, crackly rock — deserves to be known off the platform, too.

“Big League Chew” - Mel4Ever, Linux, Babynymph

“My titties giving Sydney Sweeney” is just one of the chef’s kiss lyrics on Mel4Ever’s latest, which hits like four tequila shots straight down the gullet.

“My rock song” - Postcard Boy

Clicking play sounds like laying your head on the pillow next to Postcard Boy as he sings.

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