Annie Clark (St. Vincent) playing guitar in a purple ruffled shirt
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St. Vincent's Music Video Evolution, From Lynchian Horror To '70s VHS

The auteur and rocker's surreal visuals have always made a statement.

St. Vincent has never been a fan of subtlety. Whether it's using plastic surgery to comment on the toxicity of Los Angeles, or sketch comedy to highlight the desperation of being an artist, her surreal visuals always have a statement to make. Here, we take a look at her music videos over the years, from her 2007 debut to her 2021 '70s persona.

"Jesus Saves, I Spend" - St. Vincent (2007)

This (very) early St. Vincent video is centered on the talents of a very peculiar boy scout troop that might also be a metaphor for religion? Unclear, but still captivating.