22 Throwback Bangers For Your New Year’s Eve Playlist

Nothing screams welcoming the New Year more than pining for the good old days.

There’s something about moving forward that inevitably calls you to also look back. Maybe there’s safety and familiarity in the past — or, in the context of your New Year’s Eve playlist, the bangers were just better in the ‘00s and ‘10s. Either way, the nostalgia hits hard at the start of a new year. After the jump, we gathered 22 throwback bangers to help you usher in 2022 in nostalgic style.

“I Got A Feeling” - Black Eyed Peas

From high school dances to your New Year’s Eve party, this Black Eyed Peas classic is the ultimate crowd pleaser. (YouTube)

“TiK ToK” - KE$HA

There’s perhaps no better song to hear while getting glittery, champagne drunk. (YouTube)

“Champagne Showers” - LMFAO ft. Natalia Kills

Speaking of champagne, LMFAO and Natalia Kills still have us bopping to this track over a decade later. (YouTube)

“2012” - Jay Sean ft. Nicki Minaj

Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj are singing about 2012, but with lyrics like “And everyday, we're survivors/ So forget the day, it's all about tonight,” it couldn’t be more applicable for 2021. (YouTube)

“Raise Your Glass” - P!NK

We’ll be raising our glasses to the end of 2021. Good riddance! (YouTube)

“Countdown” - Beyoncé

For the biggest impact, sync up Queen Bey’s countdown with the ball drop. (YouTube)

“Firework” - Katy Perry

Call it basic, but you’ll be glad you’ll still know all the words even when you’re three glasses deep. (YouTube)

Hollywood Records
“Party In The USA” - Miley Cyrus

Let’s be real — is any celebration complete without this song? (YouTube)

“Waiting For Tonight” - Jennifer Lopez

Thee Y2K New Year’s Eve anthem for your on-trend NYE bash. (YouTube)

“Happy New Year” - ABBA

If you’re looking for something more emotional, look no further than this classic New Year’s Eve anthem from our favorite Swedish pop quartet. (YouTube)

“Ball Drop” - Fabolous ft. French Montana

Bless your wallet in the New Year by blasting this song during the countdown. (YouTube)

Hopeless Records Inc
“Weightless” - All Time Low

Catch us screaming, “Maybe it's not my weekend but it's gonna be my year,” when the clock strikes midnight. (YouTube)

UMG Recordings
“Good Life” - Kanye West ft. T-Pain

This buoyant, throwback cut from Kanye and T-Pain is guaranteed to start your 2022 on the right foot. (YouTube)

Warner Music UK
“Believe” - Cher

Blasting this timeless pop hit from Cher on NYE will make even the biggest cynic a believer. (YouTube)

“Till The World Ends” (Remix) - Britney Spears, Nicki Minaj, Ke$ha

There’s just something about incoming armageddon — or, in this case, the arrival of the new year — that just makes you wanna dance! (YouTube)

“22” - Taylor Swift

Yes, it’s technically a birthday song, but there’s also something about it that makes it perfect for the NYE? We won’t be taking any more questions on this. (YouTube)

“Feel This Moment” - Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera

Take us back to 2013 when Xtina’s raspy vocals and Mr. Worldwide ruled the airwaves! (YouTube)

“One More Time” - Daft Punk

While we aren’t exactly asking for another 2021, you do feel an exhilarating rush of resilience dancing to this song as the clock strikes midnight. (YouTube)

“We Found Love” - Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris

Dancy, romantic, and sung by Rihanna? What better soundtrack for your NYE kiss! (YouTube)

Mariah Carey
“Auld Lang Syne (The New Year’s Anthem)” - Mariah Carey

The Christmas Queen naturally also has an anthem for New Years Eve. Skip to 1:00 when the beat to kicks in for maximum euphoria. (YouTube)

Columbia Records
“Doses & Mimosas” - Cherub

If you’re looking to throw a messier NYE bash, then Cherub’s toxic but undeniably catchy “Doses & Mimosas” is our recommendation. (YouTube)

“We Made It” - Drake ft. Soulja Boy

Perhaps no track sums up the struggle that was the last few years better than this celebratory Soulja Boy and Drake collab. (Soundcloud)

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