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The 10 Wildest Tyler, The Creator Music Video Moments

The Odd Future alum’s music videos have always shocked and provoked.

One never knows what they’ll find when taking a trip into Tyler, The Creator’s mind. The Odd Future alum made a name for himself with his often shocking, provocative, and unconventional music video choices. Now, with his sixth album, 'Call Me If You Get Lost', on the way, NYLON rounded-up some of his most wild, genius, and downright bizarre, music video moments.

His Goblin Persona In “She” (2011)

Perhaps his edgiest era, Tyler, the Creator’s Goblin persona is awkward, terrifying and darkly hilarious in this early video.

Eating A Roach In “Yonkers” (2011)

And then having the pleasure of watching him gag it back up again.

His Sex Doll Exploits In “VCR” (2011)

Tyler gets caught humping a blow-up doll in this video that’s shot like a low-budget horror movie.

His Cocaine-addicted Centaur In “Rella” (With Hodgy, Domo Genesis) (2012)

Tyler, as a bobbed centaur, snorts a small mountain of cocaine and proceeds to rap about his third limb in this fever dream of a video.

The Toxic Dollhouse Plot In “IFHY” (2013)

If Barbie and Ken were in a toxic relationship, this is what it’d look like.

“Tamale,” As A Whole (2013)

There are simple too many moments to choose: Tyler, the Creator bouncing on a butt, riding a cat, or becoming a bald white man.

White Tyler Getting Chased By A Mob In “Buffalo” (2015)

It’s his most controversial video for a reason; we just wonder how long the make-up removal process was.

The entire plot of “F*cking Young” (2015)

Tyler, the Creator tries to do the age-difference thing elegantly; the jury’s still out on if he got away with it.

A$AP Rocky’s White Face Surgery In “Who Dat Boy” (2017)
His Cosplay As A Plant In Kali Uchis’ “After The Storm” (2018)

His head is a Chia plant and he guzzles water from a watering can. You gotta admire his commitment.

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