Zendaya, from "Euphoria", sitting down with hands under her chin, looking like she is close to tears...
Eddy Chen/HBO


12 Music Moments From Euphoria Season 2 That We Can't Forget

These songs pushed a scene forward and propelled us to YouTube to play them again.

You can’t talk Euphoria without talking about its music. In Season 2, its sonic universe expanded substantially, incorporating retro hits, modern hyper-pop, and more adding on to its own exquisite Labrinth-created soundtrack. As always, the musical cues were alive and animated like characters in themselves. Ahead, we picked the 12 best musical moments of the season, the songs that pushed a scene forward, while propelling us to YouTube to play them again.


“Don’t Be Cruel” - Billy Swan (S2, E1)

There wasn’t a more badass way to open this season than with Billy Swan’s swinging slow menace that is “Don’t Be Cruel,” as Fez’s grandma kindly helps Fez’s father repent by shooting him in both knees. (YouTube)