Victoria Beckham performing as a Spice girl while wearing a black dress
Photo by Mark Mainz/Getty Images


Victoria Beckham Made A Shocking Confession About Being A Spice Girl

You didn’t really hear her…

It's no longer a surprise to find out that many of our favorite performers lip-synch when taking the stage. Still, it's fun to pretend that those sweet notes really are coming out of the singer's mouth then and there. Today, we were bummed to hear Victoria Beckham—aka Posh Spice—shatter our delusions by admitting that, not only was she not singing during most of her Spice Girls performances, but her microphone wasn't even turned on. 

While this sort of information usually slips out due to technological accidents or forgotten lyrics, Beckham relayed the information in an interview with The Telegraph. "They used to turn it off and just let the others sing," she said, adding that it was no secret that her true interest was in fashion, not music, even back then. "I was always the one that loved fashion, and it was quite a result for me, because the girls always used to get their clothes for free because they were crap and so there was a lot of budget for me to have my little Gucci dress." 

Okay, so the fact that some (or maybe all) of the Spice Girls were lip-synching isn't the world's biggest surprise, but for many of us, these feather boa-ed icons were our first-ever concert. Luckily, long-time fans have another shot to see the group—and this time, Posh says she's bringing it for real. "I got the last laugh—and now my mic is well and truly on, finally," she said.