Screenshot via donni.davy Instagram


‘Euphoria’ Makeup Is Easier Than Ever Thanks to These New Instagram Filters

No experience necessary

by Tembe Denton-Hurst

If achieving Euphoria makeup feels like an impossible feat, there are new Instagram filters to help you out. The filters, inspired by lead makeup artist Doniella Davy's looks, are the creation of YouTuber and filter-maker Igor Saringer, and allow you to try on everything from Jules' cloud eyeliner to Maddy's iconic purple-and-red liner moment. There are five filter options in total (they're heavily Jules-inspired), but we're hoping that there may be more in the not-so-distant future (can we start a petition for all of Maddy's rhinestone eye looks?).

These aren't part of Instagram's standard filter pack—you'll have to go to the Effect Gallery at the end of the existing options and search for "Maquiagens Euphoria by igorsaringer." If that sounds like a lot of effort, we promise the hunt is worth it. The gallery also has filters inspired by Normani's "Motivation" performance and Sailor Moon.

In celebration, a look back at the included makeup options, below.

Maddy's Purple-And-Red Liner From Episode 2

Jules' Dreamy Eyeliner Look From Episode 3

Jules' Graphic Watercolor Eyeshadow and Liner From Episode 3

Kat's Neon Green Moment From Episode 4

Jules' Silver-and-Pink Eyeshadow and Yellow Eyeshadow Look