Arts and crafts project with colorful flowers, beads, and other details
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insta files friday: 10 super awesome etsy accounts

shop right from your phone.

by emma orlow

If you're like us and feeling lazy this winter, but really want to go score some awesome items for yourself, shopping online is probably your only option (unless you're working on your teleporting skills. In which case... let's hang out?!). Etsy is a great place to do a little online lurking, but it can be an intimidating place to start. That's why we follow our favorite DIY shops straight from our phones.

Click through the gallery to see 10 super cool Etsy shops on Instagram. We guarantee you'll be thinking about them all day—from your morning commute to the moment before you fall asleep.


This online-only yard sale will transport you back to '05—that is if your '05 meant watching a lot of Scream movies.


Cortny (as she so aptly spells it), a.k.a Napkin Apocalypse, uses thrift store-found fabrics as her base to print her own wacky designs on. Cortny has a special place in her heart for bulldogs and dresses her dogs up on her Instagram, then uses these photo shoot photos to print onto backpacks, dresses, and jackets. When she's not playing dress-up at home, she makes patterns of everything, from cut-outs of Anna Nicole Smith tabloids to animal cracker boxes. 


Unless you live in San Francisco or L.A., where Painted Bird has outposts, you'll have follow its Instagram. And we definitely suggest you do. (Isn't this beaded cat jacket is any indication??)


An ultraterrestrial is defined as "a superior, non-human entity of natural or supernatural origin that is indigenous to planet Earth," which makes sense as Becca Kacanda's mystical kaleidoscopic colored art is all inspired by personal psychedelic experiences. 


Guadalajara-based Golden Ponies is cranking out super customizable Chelsea boots and bags in metallic shades, just in time for your next trip to space.


Our egg order: sunny-side and spotted.


Clueless-inspired candles for your next seance. 


SVA artist Mikayla Butchart makes a passive-aggressive play on aesthetically pleasing trash bags. 


Right on the tails of "Snackwave," this is one delicious-looking fabric that we'd like to crust our home in.