Elly Ayres talks about popular fall styles and the benefits of Klarna


10 Feel-Good Fall Styles This Fashion Editor Is Shopping Now

How Associate Director of Branded Fashion Elly Ayres uses Klarna to refresh her look.

by Marie Lodi

When style enthusiasts greet fall’s arrival, they’re essentially welcoming all the cool-weather dressing that comes with it. It’s a break from summer’s brutal temperatures, but it’s also a chance to refresh closets everywhere with pieces that meet the moment. For Associate Director of Branded Fashion Elly Ayres, that wardrobe update isn’t just about what looks great, but what will help elevate her mood as the sun begins setting earlier. “My fall style is all about pieces that make me feel good, whether it’s a head-turning print, unexpected design detail, or supremely comfy fit,” she says. “I need all the dopamine dressing I can get to combat the fact that summer is over!”

To seek out her ultimate fall wardrobe, Ayres turns to Klarna, which she describes as a “one-stop shop for everything under the sun.” That’s because with Klarna, you not only get its famously flexible payment options, easy shipment tracking, seamless returns, and reward perks, but the app also opens up a whole world of wardrobe inspiration (obviously incredibly helpful if you get stuck in a fashion rut!). “You can discover new style inspo from other members’ curated lists, and by using the app’s ‘collection’ feature (just like a moodboard!), you can easily manifest your dream wardrobe for the upcoming season,” says Ayres.

“By using [Klarna’s] ‘collection’ feature (just like a moodboard!), you can easily manifest your dream wardrobe.” –Elly Ayres

Klarna also removes the intimidating “sticker shock” from high-end apparel and accessories, making them more accessible for her budget: “Being able to buy with four payments with Klarna takes the pressure off, especially when you’re ready to invest in those quality items.” Keep reading to see Ayres’s picks for her autumn wardrobe, featuring pieces that are all shoppable through Klarna.