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15 Cute And Stylish Cases That Also Protect Your Phone

A fashionable phone covering for those unexpected drops.

Let’s face it: Even if we can use a phone with a cracked screen or scratched edges from falls, no one wants to. Whether our devices are insured or not, there will always be a need to protect our phones from incidents such as sudden, accidental drops or even worse, water damage. Finding the best bang for your buck for a stylish yet protective phone can be daunting, but it definitely doesn’t have to be. Luckily, thanks to plenty of options available online, the variety of phone cases to suit our ever-changing aesthetics and need for durability are unlimited, and the high reviews and ratings from verified buyers prove it, too.

Ahead, check out these stylish phone cases that cover a range from Apple iPhones to Samsung Galaxy to help protect against unexpected drops, scratches, and more.

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The razzle-dazzle of this case is undeniably attractive and an instant statement. Sleek yet non-slip, this case has a built-in ring that can be used as a kickstand to prop up your phone, or to help you angle the perfect selfie. This case is made of a metal material and has a lip to keep the screen and lens from touching damaging surfaces. Available in a whoppin 31 shades, you can select from a variety of colors and finishes — or stock up on as many that you like. “This phone case looks expensive. But it wasn't. I’ve even dropped my phone face down. [A]nd it didn’t crack,” said a verified buyer.

This is perfect for the person who is fashionable and desires a non-bulky protective covering when they happen to casually toss their phone in a tote bag with other everyday essentials. The clear case is available in 20 different floral prints and has a 4.7 rating for its ability to protect your device from scratches and dings while adding style to your go-to phone. “Love this case! It's adorable with the floral design and has the bumpers for clumsy people like me who often drop their phones!” commented a reviewer, giving the case 5 stars.

Whether you enjoy seeing the color of the phone you purchased or don’t want to hassle with changing your case to suit your outfit, you can’t go wrong with a clear case. With 9K-plus reviews and 4.7 stars, this case features a 3.5-mm raised lip to protect both the phone’s screen and camera lens. There are also bumpers on the corners to protect your gadget from the impact of sudden drops.

This case is ideal for someone who is seeking a sophisticated minimalist design and non-bulky protection. Purchase one or multiple of these cases from the vibrant color selection to complement your mood or outfit. No matter which color you choose, the 11K-plus reviews repeat the same sentiments: “Cute, sturdy, easy to hold, [and] clutz-proof,” says one reviewer. Tested against an 8-foot drop, these slender and smooth cases are fashionable and durable.

This 3D geometric design is not only fashionable but the 4.6-star rating and reviews also prove that this case is sturdy and secure. It features a snug fit and is available in two-tone colors, which is suitable for any mood or style preference. Available in ash gray and black with red detail, the sage green appears to be the most preferred choice among the 2K-plus reviews.

The textured rubber material of this stylish slender case makes it easy to grip and enhances the shockproof feature when you drop your phone. One reviewer gave it 5 stars and said, “Definitely glad I bought this case. Just may get more for when my mood changes and I want another color!”

Available in crystal clear or matte black, the simple color selection and thinness of this 4.6-star-rated case make it both stylish and great for your Pixel 6 phone’s protection. With pronounced buttons on the sides to easily access volume and screen locking, the case is also designed with raised bezels to keep your screen and camera from scratching.

While brown is definitely a neutral color that pairs with any outfit, this leather-like material wallet case comes in 4 other shades. Although it’s praised for being extremely stylish with silver-toned snap closures to secure cash and cards, this case also offers shockproof protection. “My favorite case!” said one reviewer, adding that “it is very effective protection for my phone.”

Available in two additional colors, this case features the convenience of an exterior card slot that holds up to 2 cards. “I keep my Drivers License and 1 credit card in the case,” one reviewer said. Although this case is stylishly slim, it is also very strong with a shock protection factor to absorb damage that can be caused by sudden drops. “I’ve gotten many compliments on the versatility and appearance of this phone case,” added the reviewer.

Spigen’s cases are consistently reviewed as the best protection for your phone. With a 4.6 rating, many reviewers share that the case’s quality is consistent. “Provides great protection without adding a whole lot of bulk compared to other cases. Best value, design and durability,” one reviewer wrote. Available in three colors, this phone case is smooth and easy to pull out of your pockets, yet has a good grip when it’s in your hands.

If you’re looking for an edgy-style case for select series of the iPhone 12 or 13, this military-grade covering may be your best option. It features some cool specs, such as a kickstand to position your phone for streaming videos and making content, a sliding window to protect your camera lens, and cushiony edges for sturdy drop protection.

Designed for the person who enjoys outdoor activities, this case will protect your phone from water and drops from as high as 6.6 feet. The secure case is featured in a total of 11 fashionable colors and offers 360-degree protection, covering the back of your phone, as well as the front screen with bumpers on the edges to soak up the impact of a drop. This case boasts 8.5K reviews of customers sharing their satisfaction with this purchase.

Designed with a wristlet and clasp closure, this folio phone case is made of blended leather material for a luxurious appeal. It holds up to 3 cards and is a great choice for the person who prefers to carry only a few items — namely their keys, wallet and phone. When closed, it can also protect your phone and screen from falls. Available in 10 styles total, get a high-end covering for your device that is convenient, protective, and stylish.

With nearly a 5-star rating and more than 20K reviews, this phone case is a great purchase. The slender style of this case is both classic and stylish, and like most of their designs, it also has a soft interior and hard outer layers to deflect drops. This brand is known to be supreme for phone protection of any model or series. Giving it 5 stars, a buyer wrote, “The best tough quality case.”

Marble has been surging as a trend, so if you’re looking to make a fashion statement when pulling out your phone, then you will love this case. Fitting select series of both the iPhone 12 and 13, this case is made of recyclable and conscious materials that are durable enough to withstand the impact of a 10-foot drop. Additionally, it has an anti-chip coating to preserve any of the 25 design options you choose. Returning to give an updated review, a buyer who gave this case 5 stars said, “This phone case has stood the test of time… Looks beautiful and continues to protect my phone.”