Courtesy of Good American


Good American's New Jeans Have Four Sizes In One

The brand's new launch addresses women's fluctuating sizes.

Good American's latest denim launch may be the most innovative yet. The brand is introducing its Always Fits jeans, which is meant to address women's fluctuating sizes. The key behind this new product is that it's made from a proprietary stretch fabric so that each pair covers a range of three to four sizes.

The skinny fit, high-waisted jeans come in a variety of washes with some styles featuring distressed details. Of course, choosing a size will be different for this particular product and Always Fits jeans come in five size categories ranging from 00 to 32+ and broken down into size choices 00-4; 6-12; 14-18; 20-26; and 28-32. Each pair has 100% stretchability and guarantees a fit for women who vary in size from time to time. According to the brand, the average adult woman will go through 31 size changes in her lifetime.

"There are so many pain points in the denim shopping experience, and on top of that, we know women fluctuate in size throughout their entire adult lives," said Good American co-founder Emma Grede in an official statement. "A small size fluctuation oftentimes comes with saying goodbye to your favorite pair of jeans, which should not have to be the case."

The Always Fits jean is available now on Good American's website starting at $139.

Courtesy of Good American