BLACKPINK's Pink Venom music video


Take Halloween Inspiration From 2022's Top Music Videos

Get into it, yuh.

by Jamie Feldman
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So far, 2022 has been a banner year for music, music videos, and music video looks.

Whatever genres you’re into or plans you have this Halloween, there’s a music video to pull plenty of sartorial inspiration from. Get a bunch of friends together to channel BLACKPINK’s 2000s-tinged Pink Venom looks; go ‘70s sci-fi like Tove Lo’s No One Dies From Love; try your hand at one of Doja Cat’s iconic makeup looks, and more.

Below, nine of the best music videos of the year so far, and how to recreate them for spooky season.

With a group

You could really go for it and dress up in the gowns and intricate eye makeup in BLACKPINK’S Pink Venom video, but chances are you probably already have almost everything you need in your 2000s-inspired wardrobe for the outfits they wear starting around the :56 mark: white crop tops, beige cargo pants, and work boots.

With your bestie

Things don’t turn out too... sweet for the men in the Sweetest Pie music video, but the costumes are on point. Channel Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa in pearled corsets, or go as sexy, venomous spiders in metallic eye makeup.

If it’s cold out

Ava Max’s newest bop came with a psychedelic ‘80s-esque video that can be easily replicated — especially if it’s a cold Halloween. All you need is a cherry red wig and your finest pastel pink ski clothes. Done!

For the nostalgia

A costume that’s super simple and a nostalgic pop culture reference? It’s a no brainer. Channel Kate Bush with a gray leotard and a wrap skirt. Bonus points if you have another person in the same outfit to interlock your arms with the whole night.

For the makeup

For a truly out of this world costume, try one of Doja Cat’s (many) incredible makeup moments from this year. Pair Her “Get Into It (Yuh)” look with a white tank, magenta skirt, and the most important accessory: a fluffy, white cat.

For the zeitgeist

If you were at one of Harry Styles’ shows this year, you likely already have a few things on hand for this one (read: a feather boa). If not, grab a red tank and pair of pants, some sequins, and maybe some highly publicized drama surrounding your feature film for good measure.

Easy Peasy

Florence and the Machine returned this year to bless us with new music — and super easy costume inspo. Put on a purple dress and throw a purple sheet on top. Angelic voice sadly not included.

Easier Peasier

All you need is a tube of red lipstick to channel Paramore’s highly anticipated new music and its desert vibes video. Just draw some on. Then keep drawing. And drawing. And drawing some more.

With your partner

If “a musical sci-fi love story” doesn’t scream Halloween, we don’t know what does. There are so many good looks in Tove Lo’s video to choose from. Now you just need your partner to agree to play the robot and you’re all set.

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