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The Casual Tops Of The Early Aughts Are Back

Halters, camis, and scarf tops are back and better than ever.

Haven't you heard? The beloved (and sometimes divisive) style of the early aughts is back. While decades-old trends have been resurfacing for a few years now, there has been a noticeable uptick in a certain genre of early-2000s attire. Specifically, casual tops. Those camisoles with built-in bras from Limited Too have made their illustrious return to our closets (minus the built-in bra, RIP), as have halters, lace camis, and, yes, even scarf tops.

As a former pre-teen hoarder of camis, which I wore to dance class, on its own, and under everything, I was reluctant to reintroduce them back into my life. I have real boobs now (thank you) and wasn't sure if a skin-tight, spaghetti-strap top was something I needed to add to my list of insecurities. I then stumbled upon a very cheap version via Target and figured if there was a time to ease this throwback style back into my wardrobe, it's during a government-mandated period of self-isolation. As it turns out, I love it. I pair it with joggers or sweatpants and feel like Bella Hadid at her mom's farm while I walk around my house — except my beautiful, expensive horse is an annoying, expensive pug with what I am certain is a medical condition that makes his tongue hang out 24/7.

Whether you want to wear a cami, lacey tank, or scarf top and feel like Paris Hilton in 2002, there are plenty of options on the market fit for every style and budget right now. Take a trip down memory lane and shop these nostalgic tops for your summer aesthetic, below.


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Yes, the strappy tank of your youth is back and better than ever. Built-in bra not included.

Lace Camis

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Ah, the going-out version of the cami. Putting this on is essentially a time machine back to your teen years, but with better taste and life experience.

Scarf Top

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Even the scarf/bandana top is back. You don't even need a Tina Knowles (and her House of Deréon line) of your own to wear one.


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You can now wear the old trend in the classic top version or in bodysuit form. Halter technology has come a long way.

One-Shoulder Tops

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The one-shoulder top could otherwise be known as the style my mom refused to let me wear as a 9-year-old. I resent it to this day and plan on stocking up. Though, I definitely don't plan on pairing it with low-rise jeans anytime soon.