Collage of Hermès' bowtie for women with a turquoise background.


Hermès Lauches Women’s Bowties

channel your inner avril lavigne.

by tamar levine

In honor of National Bowtie Day (shockingly, we didn't make this holiday up for the sake of the post), we thought we would introduce you guys to an exciting, new bowtie launch from one of our personal faves, the epitome of chic: Hermès. The Parisian powerhouse brand has introduced a series of 100-percent silk twill bowties for women just in time for your fall closet changeover. As per usual, Hermès delivered the best bold and festive patterns in the silk ties that you can wear around your neck, in your hair, or around your wrist. Not only do these adorable accessories remind us of 2002 and a certain sk8erboi, but they take our love of menswear to a whole, new level. These bowties will be sold at Hermès for $155. Scroll through the gallery to check out their selection of bowties.