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"Sh*t Bloggers Post" Is Rounding Up Every Influencer Trend On Instagram

We spoke to the anonymous person (or persons) behind it.

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At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many were wondering what would become of the influencer. With stay-at-home orders in place, sponsored vacations and branded events were no longer available as sources of content, and online debates cropped up wondering just how much longer influencers would wield their, well, influence.

Despite a raging pandemic, bloggers have been able to soldier on and keep up with their usual, aspirational content even within the confines of their well-curated homes. Due to a lack of travel and events, certain online trends have become more apparent. How many people can photograph a cup of coffee on a fluffy white comforter? According to Sh*t Bloggers Post, a lot.

The anonymously-run Instagram account has an eye for spotting these influencer-approved photo trends, rounding them all up in pretty carousel posts on a grid that any aspiring blogger would envy. From the ubiquitous Summer Fridays product shout-outs to that very familiar Victoria-Beckham-inspired leg pose, SBP has found them all.

The mystery person (or persons) who run the account spoke to NYLON over email about spotting these Instagram trends and how influencers feel about getting called out.

How much can you say about who you are? Is it just one person running the account or multiple people?

It's definitely not by mistake that it's left ambiguous. You'll notice the use of both "we" and "I" in captions and comments and in responses here, as well, hope that's okay! I like the idea of leaving it up to the imagination of our followers. Once you know the person or people behind the account, the more you'll start to form opinions or second-guess why certain people are featured, and we'd love to keep it as neutral as possible.

What made you start the page?

I'm honestly surprised that no one started it already! What we can say is that we have a background in social media and see these images on a daily basis. The longer you're on Instagram, the more you'll start to see trends form. You'll say, 'Wait a minute, did I not just see that exact image somewhere else?' and turns out, yup, you did, or you saw one that is extremely close to it in nature. I thought it would be fun to start a page that nods to that culture on Instagram, but in a lighthearted and supportive manner. We love these images; we love these creators; we're just developing a space for everyone to laugh at themselves and show just how good these influencers are at influencing.

In the beginning, how did you find all the pictures to make up one post?

Good question! Honestly, a lot of saved folders on Instagram. Thank god for the Collections feature. The second I notice a trend forming, I immediately start a folder and start saving to it once I come across more, whether that be via influencers we follow, from the Explore page, or brand pages, etc. Once I have 10 total, I'm good to go! We waited until we had about five carousels ready before we launched and then went from there.

Has that job gotten easier as you've gained followers?

Yes! Honestly, I'm so happy and surprised with how engaged the SBP audience is. We receive so many submissions on a daily basis and some followers have sent images, as well, which makes building our collections and starting new ones way easier. So thank you SBP, audience! Keep sending please.

How do you decide what to post? Do you notice a trend and seek out more photos, or scroll through influencer pages until you think you have something?

Some trends are obvious to our eye. You follow 10 girls and all 10 post the same thing within a week and it’s pretty noticeable. Sometimes a follower will send me a suggestion that wasn't as obvious but then we look a little harder and there's 20+ girls who participated in that trend and suddenly I see it everywhere. I'm not going to lie, the grid is also very important. We put extra attention towards making sure that not only each post as a whole represents the trend, but that it also has a winning caption, a good mix of girls, but, most importantly, that it fits in the feed. We wanted to make sure our feed is representative of the quintessential blogger feed while still staying timely and true to whole concept of SBP.

What have some of the responses been from the influencers you include?

Truly, they’ve been 99% positive! They’re constantly leaving positive comments on our posts, even if they're not tagged in them. I'll be honest though, there are one in 100 girls who we thought would have a sense of humor and just really took it personally, but by far the vast majority have actually been so supportive. A lot of influencers we've posted have submitted suggestions of their own, shared it on their stories, tagged their photos, and even added us into their captions, asking if they can get a feature or if they're 'doing it right.' We love it; we love this community we've built. It honestly feels like a powerhouse of strong women who really appreciate a snarky sense of humor and don't take themselves too seriously.

Have you gotten any feedback from the brands you include?

We actually just got our first big one the other day. Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores from Summer Fridays commented on our post, laughing at our Summer Fridays call-out. Honestly, the fact that they even know SBP exists is a big win. We also had the company who created the Sublime briefs add us in Stories to clarify that they also rarely gift — a nod to our caption about wearing Sublime since Skims doesn't gift influencers. They left us a positive DM, as well, and said they loved the page. Hopefully, we start hearing from more.

Are influencers now reaching out to you hoping to be featured on the page?

Yes, actually! I've received some DMs, Instagram comments, and caption call-outs asking for a feature. Girls are shamelessly calling themselves out and we are so here for it.

Lastly, why is the only account you follow the official Hot Wheels page?

That's a secret I'll never tell. xoxo, SBP.

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