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Kyx World Is A Rental Subscription Service For Your Favorite Sneakers

Without the hassle of raffles, resale, and, of course, bots.

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Whether you’re a longtime sneakerhead or you just got your first pair, getting your hands on a highly anticipated sneaker release is a lot harder than the average person may think. Everything from raffles to app algorithms and, of course, bots are just a few of the obstacles that sneaker lovers have to face in order to walk away with a pair of super hype shoes — until now.

Allow us to introduce you to Kyx World, the first-ever sneaker subscription platform. Consider it a version of Rent the Runway but for sneakers, like the really good pairs that you never thought you’d get to wear unless you dropped top dollar for it on the resale market. Not only does Kyx offer some of the newest and most-wanted sneakers, but the platform even offers Yeezy Slides to switch things up. Talk about variety.

Now I know what you’re thinking, It must cost a fortune to do this, but actually no. Kyx has stuck to the typical subscription business model, offering sneakers on a month-to-month plan. You can choose from four different options, which covers everyone’s budget. Starting at $49 a month, subscribers select one pair of shoes, either brand new or slightly worn, to wear like they’re your very own.

While the sneaker space has been making strides to be more inclusive for women, there’s certainly some work that still needs to be done. Kyx World recognizes this, and the platform aims to be a tool and gateway for women who are hoping to get more into sneakers. “[Women] are the demographic that has perhaps been most abandoned by the sneakerhead community,” Brian Mupo, CEO of Kyx World, tells NYLON. “Pairs in size ranges typically associated with women are generally much more costly than those of male counterparts, and women’s inclusive sizing was, until recently, the exception rather than the standard.”

Kyx World is making it a mission to include women’s sizes in all sneaker styles, as well as keep a good amount of women-exclusive styles in stock, notes Mupo. Through this, Kyx hopes to empower sneakerheads and make a mark for the future of women in the community.

If you’re still sad over any sneaker L’s you took this year, now’s your chance to wear your favorite kicks for a fraction of the resale price. Head over to Kyx World’s website now to learn more.

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