12-year old Dakota Fanning wearing Marc Jacobs golden jacket and white trousers in the 2007 photosho...


we revisit 30 years of marc jacobs

with our 10 favorite campaign shots.

by jennifer suzukawa-tseng

Whether via colorful outerwear, leather handbags, or Daisy perfumes, Marc Jacobs has fashioned our lives with quirky-cool pieces, always adding a punch of color and edge to our wardrobe. This year marks the 30 year anniversary of Marc Jacobs International. Heeding the retro Instagram snap featuring a shot from yesteryear, we’ve compiled ten of our favorite, unforgettable campaigns.

No matter the muse—dreamy-director Sofia Coppola, or a 12-year-old Dakota Fanning—he always tosses in his signature whimsy persona into the mix. The punky art-kid has created the World of Marc Jacob, one we long to live in forever. 

Click through the gallery and let us know what your favorite campaigns are in the comments below!

photo via photobucket.com

Winona Ryder Spring/Summer 2003

photo via photobucket.com

Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2008

photo via photobucket.com

Sofia Coppola Marc Jacobs Perfume

photo via photobucket.com

Meg White Spring/Summer 2006

photo via myfdb.com

Dakota Fanning Spring/Summer 2007

photo via yoka.com

Xiao Wen Ju Spring/Summer 2012

photo via rockthetrend.com

Helena Bonham Carter Fall/Winter 2011

Fall/Winter 2005

photo via onsugar.com

Cole Mohr Fall/Winter 2008

photo via stylist.co.uk

Samantha Moreton Fall/Winter 2003