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Naomi Campbell Revealed Her True Opinion On Crocs

The supermodel shared her take on the polarizing shoe on "Hot Ones."

Naomi Campbell's has seen and tried many trends during her decades in the fashion industry, but there is one very popular shoe you will never see her wear. The supermodel made a recent appearance on "Hot Ones," during which host Sean Evans asked her what trend will stand the test of time and which one she'd never like to see again.

"The black dress is never going out of style," she said, adding, "I'm not into Crocs. Sorry, Crocs. Nothing against your brand. I find it a lazy shoe."

Crocs have enjoyed a recent resurgence thanks to its many partnerships with brands and artists like Bad Bunny, Post Malone, and Justin Bieber's clothing line Drew House. Just this week GQ declared that "Crocs are cool now." Still, they will never be cool enough for Naomi Campbell.

Campbell was able to make her way through the entire selection of hot sauces, though she did say she felt like fainting at one point. Perhaps the other biggest reveal from the supermodel, who was in full glam for the video, was the absence of mascara in her makeup routine.

"My eyes are burning, my makeup's running," she said. "Thank God I don't wear mascara."

Mascara and Crocs. They're just not for Naomi Campbell.

Check out the full "Hot Ones" video, below.