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Paris Hilton and Klarna to Open "House of Y2K" Pop-Up in LA (Exclusive)

For one day only, you can travel back in time to the 2000s.

Only two months in, 2023 is already shaping up to be the year of Paris Hilton. She’s a new mom, reviving her music career, and now, for one-day only, traveling back to the era that first made her a superstar.

On February 24th, Hilton and Klarna will unveil the House of Y2K, a one day only pop-up on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. The immersive experience will explore the biggest shopping trends from 2000 to today — something Hilton knows plenty about. “The 2000s were such a special moment in pop culture and I love that so many of the iconic fashion trends are back in the mainstream,” said Hilton in a statement. “I’m excited for fans to visit the ‘House of Y2K’ to celebrate these trends and experience how far shopping has come over the last two decades thanks to new technologies and products like Klarna.” Many items from Hilton’s iconic wardrobe will be on display at the pop-up, including the iconic chainmail dress from her 21st birthday.

Thanks to the payment and shopping app, actually getting into the Y2K trend will be much easier than begging your mom to take you to Limited Too. Within the pop-up, visitors can shop modern takes on the trend by simply scanning a QR code which takes you directly to the Klarna app. The pieces are divided into three categories: Summer of Sliving, Loves It, and Back 2 Skool. Attendees can virtually try on the looks, a la Cher Horowitz, at the trading card wall, a pink mirror that echoes the infamous Clueless outfit decider. Those not in LA will also be able to shop the collections directly in the Klarna app.

Earlier this month, Klarna released its Global Y2K Trend Report. Among the findings: a whopping 45 percent of participants voting that fashion was better in the 2000s, and 64 percent saying the 2000s were a coller period of time, in general. Among the items that saw a spike in sales due to the craze: low-rise jeans and butterfly clips.

The pop-up follows the Feb 7. launch of Hilton’s global campaign for the brand, which spotlights the Y2K era and how shopping has evolved. In the ads, Hilton can be seen wearing a limited edition Paris Hilton x Klarna tracksuit, which will be released for purchase to coincide with the House of Y2K, and available for $225 directly within the Klarna app. In honor of Hilton’s beloved dogs, 100% of proceeds from purchases of the tracksuits will be donated to Hilton’s nonprofit 11:11 Media Impact.

House of Y2K will feature three floors of activations for visitors to enjoy, ranging from the Tech Tunnel of Terror, a reminder of the perils of early online shopping; a bedazzling station, and a beauty bar where guests can all the glitter-y eyeshadow their heart desires. Get a closer look of what to expect, as well as Hilton’s campaign, below.

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The House of Y2K is located at 8070 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046. It will be open and free to the public from 12:00-8:00pm on Friday, February 24.