Reformation Chianti dress
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In The Midst Of A Pandemic, Fashion Brands Are Still Working Towards Sustainability

Reformation, Patagonia, and Eileen Fisher continue to make their businesses as eco-conscious as possible.

The fashion industry have spent the past month adapting to a new shopping climate. Stores are closed, staffs have been laid off or furloughed, sales are down, and the money to maintain business as usual is drying up. Still, many brands have made it a point to give back during the COVID-19 crisis, all while maintaining sustainable practices.

With more people staying indoors, Earth Day 2020 looks a little different than those of years past, but fashion companies have still found ways make a positive impact on the climate, even during a pandemic. Reformation, which also released its 2020 sustainability report for the first quarter of the year on Wednesday, is offering resources for customers looking to go a little greener, even while staying at home.

You can purchase climate credits through Reformation, with the money going to different carbon offset projects. Prices range from $10 for a domestic flight to $400 to cover the carbon footprint made by a family of four over 12 months. The company is also partnering with Arcadia Power, encouraging customers to switch over their electric bills to wind energy, along with the added bonus of a $100 Reformation gift card.

While Patagonia is known for its outdoor-ready, eco-friendly clothing and gear, it's also taking extra steps to make a difference within its food marketplace business Patagonia Provisions. The company, which offers ethically and sustainably sourced ready-to-eat products, is expanding its selection beyond food, adding new items from farmers, ranchers, fishermen, artisans, and brands that share a similar ethos with Patagonia, including home accessories and totes. Each vendor is dedicated to regenerative organic practices, which could become the next wave for sustainable fashion, too, with many operating small regional farms and businesses.

Eileen Fisher recently spoke to Vogue about working through the current crisis while also focusing on sustainability.

"We've discovered that even though we are all about simplicity, sustainable materials, recycling, and all those important things, we still have been producing way too much product," Fisher said. "We are pleasing too many masters. We have lost track of the center of our concept, a little."

Fisher added that while now has been a time for her to look at her business, it's also beneficial to look at her closet and assess what's actually necessary.

"Another silver lining, well, we're thinking a lot about changing clothes [on the whole]. Personally, I'm thinking a lot about my clothes: What clothes do I really need? I really need my ponté pants, and I have these pants called the 'hug.' I need both of those pants; they're so comfortable. I have different shapes in each of those two fabrics and I just wear them every day with my different sweaters — that's my wardrobe," she said. "My five favorite sweaters and my two favorite pants, this is all I need."