Rihanna at the Met gala in a bejeweled pope hat and robe
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images


Rihanna Became Our New Pope At The Met Gala

Bish! Bish!

Rihanna did not come to play with you prom dress-wearing celebrities at the 2018 Met Gala. In true Rihanna form, she pulled up dripping in Maison Margiela gown-cape-clergy hat combo. In true unexpected Rihanna form, she walked the carpet during the middle of the ceremony as opposed to rolling up last, like she does every other year. (I'm going to blame it on her being the night's co-host.)

Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Regardless, Miss Rihanna really did that Heavenly Bodies fantasy. She's serving theme, details, high fashion, and plenty of walking promo for her Fenty Beauty Body Lava product. It's almost unfair to the other celebrity guests Anna Wintour invited. Has anyone seen my rosaRIH? My Rihligion is Fenty. Good day and god bless and bow the f*** down. 

Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images