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Rita Ora Is In Her Playful Era

Catching up with the perpetually on-the-go singer at Michael Kors.

Whether you’ve been to one of her shows, seen her at a party, or just watched her life from afar on your phone screen, one thing is clear: Rita Ora is a good time — and always on-the-go.

On Monday, September 11, Ora touched down in New York to sit front row at Michael Kors alongside the likes of Halle Berry, Blake Lively, Molly Gordon, and Olivia Wilde. The following night she’d head to Newark, New Jersey to present at the 2023 VMAs, but that morning was all about celebrating New York — and Michael himself.

Here, the singer talks to NYLON about first meeting Kors, how her personal style has changed over the years, and late night room service.

What is your first memory of Michael Kors, the brand?

Growing up my mum had a Michael Kors bag that I was always so obsessed with. I remember my sister and I would go into her closet, dress up and then take turns strutting down the hallway with that bag in hand. We were practically models in training. When I got a bit older, my mum actually gave me that bag, and that was the first Kors piece I ever had.

When did you first meet Michael?

Michael and I first met at The Met, funny enough. I was so nervous, but we immediately hit it off and just got right into chatting all things fashion. I’ve admired Michael for so long and getting to wear his designs throughout the course of my career, it’s just always an honour.

What is your favorite Michael Kors look that you’ve worn?

Well, for sentimental purposes, I would probably go with the crop top and flared pant look from when I was on The Tonight Show back in 2016. It was one of my first times chatting with Jimmy [Fallon] on the show and I remember picking out this look thinking it just felt like the perfect mix of bold and chic whilst being comfortable enough to calm the nerves.

How would you describe your style right now? What are items that you’ve been gravitating towards?

Definitely playful. I love to experiment with fashion and really create a moment for what I’m wearing. The clothes deserve it, you know? Lately I’ve been loving a good chunky platform heel. It’s dramatic, makes you feel confident, and can really pull the whole look together.

Rita Ora attends the Spring 2024 Michael Kors runway show.Emilio Madrid for MICHAEL KORS

What is your favorite restaurant dish in New York?

I’m always trying a new restaurant when I come to NYC, but I always have to have sushi when I’m here. And nothing beats a late-night slice of pizza!

What is your favorite song about New York?

Oh that’s tough! There are so many good ones. I mean, I’m a huge Joni Mitchell fan so I love “Chelsea Morning.” The song is just like pure happiness and good vibes. But also “Empire Stateof Mind.” It’s such an iconic song!

What is your go-to room service order at the end of the night?

A good salad, maybe with some chicken, and obviously French fries.