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Sarah Michelle Gellar Has Unearthed Her Prom Dress From 'Buffy'

The things we find when we clean out our closets.

Isolation is the ideal time to sort through the things in your closet. Perhaps you went through a phase where you stocked up on culottes that still have tags on them (sell those bad boys!), or maybe that Forever 21 dress you wore religiously to frat parties in college is still taking up precious real estate (donate it!), or maybe, just maybe, you're Sarah Michelle Gellar and you discovered that the prom dress from the season finale of Buffy's debut season in 1997 is still in your possession (try it on!).

Gellar posted a photo to Instagram on Thursday, wearing that very same prom dress, and even 23 years, two children, and a global pandemic later, it still fits like the day it first graced our television sets.

"All dressed up and no where to go," she wrote. "I say we party."

Gellar replied to comments asking if that was, in fact, the dress, which she confirmed. Don't get too excited for more throwback modeling moments, though. One fan asked if she could start modeling a different Buffy outfit every week, to which Gellar replied, "That might be all I have."

Still, Los Angeles is ordered to stay at home for a few more weeks, so who knows what else is lurking in Gellar's closet?

See the Buffy star wearing her now-vintage prom dress, below.