Photo & Video: Matt Swinksy


Singer-Songwriter Faye Webster Doesn’t See The Point Of Making Anything But Music

Faye Webster has tried to leave Atlanta before, but the soulful city always pulls her right back. Even she muses, “I should get out more” on the slow-simmer chorus of “Room Temperature,” the first track on Atlanta Millionaires Club. The 2019 album is her third, but the disarmingly honest lyrics, coupled with a not-quite-labelable sound, still feel beyond her 23 years. “I create music because it's the only thing I know how to do,” says Webster. “It all makes sense that moment that you're on stage.”

"My immediate thought process [when performing] is: This is why I just drove 12 hours. This is why I was crying in the tour van. This is why I slept on the floor."

-Faye Webster