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Storm Reid Is Living In Sweatpants & Doing A Lot Of Online Shopping, Too

So no, it's not just you.

Festival season may have been canceled this year due to the novel coronavirus, but that doesn't mean you can't bring the festival energy to your home while isolating. On Saturday, SHEIN will have its first-ever digital entertainment festival, SHEIN Together, with headlining performances from Katy Perry and Lil Nas X, as well as appearances by Hailey Bieber, Yara Shahidi, Storm Reid, and more. The digital event will help to raise awareness and donations for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization.

Reid, who will be showing her support for the upcoming event on Thursday, has become a budding fashion star at just 16 years old. Earlier this year in March, she made her runway debut at Paris Fashion Week, opening Miu Miu's show and walking alongside models Bella Hadid and Kaia Gerber.

"I have been familiar with SHEIN for a while now and have ordered stuff from their website. As you guys know, I love fashion and I love fashion that's accessible and that I'm able to wear and other people are able to wear as well," Reid tells NYLON. "I love that it's not only about fashion but something good that benefits people affected by COVID-19. I find that it's important in times like this to be able to do more if you can, and this is just a part of me doing more to reach out to people who have been affected by this pandemic."

Like many of us, the Euphoria star has been at home with her family in Los Angeles, keeping busy by binge-watching the ESPN docuseries The Last Dance and re-watching old favorites like Matilda. She's also not above lounging around the house in sweatpants all day.

"I live in sweats nowadays. I love sweats, so if I could go out of the house every day in sweats, I would," she admits. "I've been living in sweats, workout clothes, or now that it's getting super-duper hot outside, I've been wearing an oversized T-shirt and some shorts and calling it a day."

Reid says she's been able to keep working throughout the crisis, and has been busier now than she was before. While she packs her days with Zoom meetings and phone calls about potential roles post-COVID-19, she's also been filling them with plenty of online shopping.

"I have done some shopping that — I don't regret it — but I wouldn't have done the shopping if I was not stuck in the house," she says. "I've done a little bit of shopping and I've done a little bit of organizing, but I've done more shopping than I have done organizing, so I think it's time to go in my closet and get rid of some things that I can donate and replenish my closet with the things that I've bought."

To see Reid and more during the SHEIN Together event, download SHEIN's free app and stream it on Saturday, May 9 at 1 p.m. PT.