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A New Docuseries Will Take A Look At The World Of '90s Supermodels

You better work!

The supermodels of the '90s are coming back together courtesy of AppleTV+. Academy Award-winning director Barbara Kopple has filmed a docuseries, aptly titled The Supermodels, surrounding Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Christy Turlington, and Linda Evangelista as they catapulted to icon status from the 1980s into the 1990s.

The women are just as thrilled to be sharing their own stories, which will tackle their rise to fame, as well as their current business and philanthropy efforts.

"I'm excited to reunite with my friends to both celebrate and examine the way supermodels transcended the traditional perceptions and limits of modeling in the fashion industry through time," wrote Crawford on Instagram. "With the support of Imagine Documentaries and Academy Award-winning director Barbara Kopple, we plan to explore the dynamic personalities, and shifts in media and culture that helped shape and define this iconic era. "The Supermodels” coming to @AppleTV."

Kaia Gerber shared her mom's post on her own account's Instagram Stories with the caption, "So proud of you inspirational women."

"I am looking forward to looking back on this unprecedented time in fashion with these incredible women whom I have grown up with," wrote Turlington on Instagram. "'The Supermodels' coming to @AppleTV."

"To finally have the opportunity to tell our story in collaboration with the brilliant team at Imagine, and under the direction of Barbara Kopple, is as exciting for us as we hope it will be for viewers," Evangelista wrote. "I would love for people to see this as a celebration of not only our individual stories, but also to the power of friendship, dreams and perseverance."

"My sisters Christy, Linda, Cindy, and I are extremely thrilled to share our story with the world and there could be no better partners than Brian Grazer, Ron Howard which is a dream come true to bring it to life, as we knew they would respect and honor our story," wrote Campbell on Instagram. "We hope our journey seen in the docuseries will encourage, motivate and inspire young people around the world. We look forward to this great adventure ahead with director Barbara Kopple. 'The Supermodels' coming to @AppleTV."

An official date for when to stream The Supermodels has not yet been released.