These Inspiring Latinx Creatives Are Using Their Art To Honor And Uplift Their Communities

Meet muralist Marianna Olague and musician Niko Rubio.

Making art is often seen as a solitary experience, but an artist’s community can play a huge part in their work. A collective muse, so to speak. This is the case for muralist Marianna Olague and musician Niko Rubio. These two up-and-coming Latinx creatives credit their community as an endless source of inspiration.

Olague is from El Paso, Texas, where the confluence of Mexican and American culture is beautifully depicted in her work.

“It’s the individuals in my life that I want to celebrate as incredible amalgamations of these two countries,” Olague explains.

Rubio grew up in Los Angeles, where the city and the ocean meet — a perfect fit for a Pisces.

“The ocean is my main source of inspiration,” she says. “I write my best when thinking and feeling like water — easy flowing, strong, and thoughtful.”

Another part of being an artist is expressing yourself in other mediums, including your style. To celebrate Latinx Heritage Month, Urban Outfitters X Converse is teaming up with the two artists to share their stories.