Courtesy of Wildflower Cases x PizzaSlime


Wildflower & PizzaSlime Made Phone Cases For Your Quarantine Mood

A case for every feeling while in isolation.

If months of holding your phone nonstop has left you in the market for a new phone case, Wildflower Cases and PizzaSlime have teamed up to give you some options.

Wildflower Cases founders and sisters Devon Lee and Sydney Carlson, have provided two quarantine moods for a couple of the collection's iPhone cases, one with Lee smiling and another with Carlson's eye roll. The third case simply reads in all-caps: “Stop looking at my phone" — an homage to PizzaSlime's infamous sweatpants.

"My case is exactly how I feel about this quarantine," Sydney tells NYLON. "My mood 90% of the time."

Devon Lee's case was initially a gift from Matt Hwang, one of PizzaSlime's co-founders, who sent it to her as a joke.

"We thought it was too funny not to do it," says Devon Lee.

The new phone cases were made with social media in mind (of course), and PizzaSlime is hoping to see them pop up all over the internet accompanied by fresh content, like WFH fit pics, mirror selfies, TikTok videos, and more.

"We're excited that these cases are something that can be used to enhance content because there is a layer of interactiveness to them which makes them feel unique and different," said the PizzaSlime team in an official statement. "We're excited to see what people do with them!"

Check out the isolation-shot campaign images below, and shop the Wildflower Cases x PizzaSlime collab online now.

Courtesy of Wildflower Cases x PizzaSlime
Courtesy of Wildflower Cases x PizzaSlime
Courtesy of Wildflower Cases x PizzaSlime