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will’s world: get an exclusive recap of antm cycle 21, episode six

i whip my hair.

by will jardell

Tyra on the wall, Tyra on the other wall, Tyra on the ceiling, and oh wait, that’s me on the TV. Best photo, you guys! We get to look at my sexy demon eyes all week and I couldn’t be more excited about this. I chose my ever-so stunning Amazonian best friend Raelia to join me in the Tyra Suite. Why? Because that room deserves two queens, and I’m not talking about queen beds, honey.

Baby Lenox got to stay this week and only had five frames, let’s see what happens!

We started off this challenge filled week at Quixote studios in LA doing an avant garde hair shoot where the girls and the guys would be whipping their hair in a slow motion video shot. I started to look at my hair and was wondering, “What the hell am I going to whip?” I mean I have short hair!


The boys would be getting extensions to give them those long luscious locks we all desire. I applaud you women for having the patience for long hair. I turn my head at the sound of my name and instead of seeing my gentlemen caller, I get a mouth and eyeful of blonde weave. I couldn’t live with it. As I look around at all the fellas getting hair I have to do a double for all three boys. Ben, Denzel, and Keith look like washed up Aerosmith band groupies who went to the local dollar store and grabbed Barbie’s hair extensions to look cool. We had Ben the unicorn, Denzel looking like a black Moses, and Keith with string bean black noodles sprouting out of his head. Matthew, Adam, and I look half-way decent with our new hair, and I can say the same for all of the ladies. They may have the unfair advantage on this one. Who is going to whip themselves into next week? (See what I did there?)

Lenox has only five frames and we all know she can get it in one, but she needs that extra ounce of confidence that she is lacking. If only she could see that America and every other country that watches #ANTM is rooting for her! One shot (perfect), two shots (slayed), three shots (I’m dead), andddd breakdown. Lenox, baby, did you not see yourself in the mirror? You only need one shot to get rid of all of us and send us packing. 

One of the highlights of this episode for me was Yu Tsai reaching out to Lenox to help her see how much potential she has and that it is okay to cry sometimes. We all see Yu Tsai as this mean, crazy creative consultant, but in reality he is like our dad on set. Tough love is what he preaches 80% of the time, but in those other moments he shows each and every one of us how passionate he is about us succeeding as models, but also as humans. It was great insight into how much we rely on Yu Tsai and how much he really did help all of us, especially Lenox. Make sure you all follow our amazing creative consultant and show him some love @yutsai88.

Back to set she goes, and did she get the shot? I’m almost positive she didn’t even need to show up to set to get the shot. 

For me, Shei was the most impressive to watch. She murdered each and every frame giving me tens across the board. Raelia is the definition of sex appeal and if you give her any more hair, she will make you bow down. Those two ladies brought it on this shoot. Mirjana was another one that I loved. Like Tyra said, it was hair-whipping, fashion-model Beyonce all in one little Serbian firecracker! Adam brought his pitbull persona to set, oh wait, is that him growling!? What is up with that? I have to hand it to him though, getting into character gave him a great shot and I’m thoroughly impressed. Kari had those amazing pink hair extensions which made her Donatella and Gaga look even more epic. My boo, Matthew did rather well on this shot. He already has that rocker look so it didn’t take much for him to look flawless. For me the three that struggled the most were Ben, Keith, and Denzel. Ben just didn’t wear the hair and make it believable and Keith also didn’t wear the hair and relied too heavily on just being pretty. Denzel parted the red sea with his shot and all the people were free from seeing the beard weave again! I still can’t get over how ridiculous he looked

Who rocked it out in your eyes?

The next morning we go eat breakfast and then head back to our lovely house (which is incredible by the way) to a huge house party with a bunch of strangers! Should I be concerned or excited? Who else is there? None other than Nina Burns from Cycle 20 (one of my faves). I am dying over her pink Hula Hoop and yellow skirt, Nick Cannon quickly joins her and tells us all about our challenge. When the ladies are finished swooning over him, we get the party started! 

I am on a team with Keith, Ben, and Shei, with Ben being our team leader, or lack thereof. Our concept was great, except one of us had to take the photo and we had to run around the shot and move as the panoramic image captured different spots. Not an easy task. At this point we have not seen the other competitors and we really have no idea how we are doing on time. With only one hour total to make this happen, every minute counted. Ben struggled taking charge but looked great as he struggled. I love when the struggle is real. Umm, where was I? I remember peeking inside the house and seeing Mirjana and Raelia wearing all white. Wasn’t this supposed to be a party? Who wears white to a party? After the stress of the panoramic image we head inside to hear who has won the newest Top Model challenge. We get to see each photo and the second I saw Lenox’s team’s, I knew we had lost. I was obsessed with it just as much as Nick was. It was edgy, fun and showed off the product, everything he wanted. Well-deserved #TeamLenox, well deserved. 

Let’s digress into the house antics for a hot minute. We have the Tyra Suite filled with the Queens (again not talking about beds) and then we have the lovers’ lounge downstairs. You do not want to know what went down in the lovers’ room but I will tell you this, it wasn’t quiet. For a modeling competition, there sure is a lot of love spreading around this house! #Karijana #Denjana #Willthew #Keiri. Too much. I think that Queen Raelia deserves a nice chocolate cookie for her quote about having class. I’m sorry but no wiser words have ever been spoken and with that facial expression she had…priceless. Ben and Adam have been writing a song for a couple of days now and want to sing it at panel. I don’t know if that will help boost scores, but I don’t mind hearing Ben’s angelic voice again. Am I right?

Lights rise, Tyra smizes, and Ben and Adam play the guitar? Top Model first! “I wanna be on top, top toooopppppp.” Great song, but Adam, stick to your day job. Singing needs to remain on Ben’s side of the fence. I loved dancing to the song though. It shows all of you how close we truly are. When you go through an experience like this, you have to rely on each other for emotional support and we never stopped singing that song after the first time Ben sang the chorus for us in the house. He made us an even closer-knit family. #ANTMfamily.

Dun, Dun, Dun. Time to cut down the competition. This is the first time we are getting to see the slow motion video shots of the hair flips and I was incredibly pumped to see the final cut. One by one, we each make our way up to the chopping block. Shei, “Yes.” Raelia, “Flawless.” Kari, “Werk.” Mirjana, you get queen status boo. Matthew, “Hot.” Adam, “Roar.” Lenox, “Are you kidding me?” Keith, “What?” Ben, “Oh no!” Denzel, “Meh.” I’m a huge fan of mine, minus the whole hunch (tall people problems). I can’t help it that I have to look down at all of my friends! If I didn’t look down or hunch down I wouldn’t be able to hear what they were saying! I’ll get them next time. Bottom two? Keith and Ben couldn’t hang with the first nine called. At this point with the little tabulations in my internal calculator, it was clear that the teenage heartthrob, Ben, was headed home. It was unfortunate to see Ben leave the competition but truth be told, I thought Ben was my biggest competition this cycle. With his charisma and charm and those handsomely dashing looks, he has some amazing things headed his way and I wish Ben all the best with lots of hugs and kisses. Do you think Ben deserved to be sent home?

Top ten! Is this real life? Next episode from the looks of it is not a very happy one for this strapping fella. Denzel doesn’t like the heels? Make me upset and you’ll get the full wrath of this seven-foot diva extraordinaire, come to take you out of the competition. Can’t wait for you all to see this fight unfold! Stay tuned as America’s Next Top Model switches to its all new night Friday Oct. 3rd 9 PM (EST) and every Friday after that! Can’t get enough top model? Follow ANTM on Twitter and Instagram @CW_ANTM. You can find me on social media at @willantm21. Keep watching the season boochers and toochers, it’s only beginning!

photo by patrick wymore/the cw -- 2014 the cw network, llc. all rights reserved
photo by massimo campana/pottle productions inc 2014 pottle productions inc. all rights reserved
photo by patrick wymore/the cw -- 2014 the cw network, llc. all rights reserved
photo by massimo campana/pottle productions inc 2014 pottle productions inc. all rights reserved
photo by patrick wymore/the cw -- 2014 the cw network, llc. all rights reserved
photo via @willantm21 on instagram
photo via @willantm21 on instagram