This Full Moon Is A Good Time To Find Closure

Following Mercury retrograde, get ready to think things through and move forward

Are you feeling tired, dear reader? Did you have a bad day or, at least, a long one? It's true that full moons can drive a person wild. History is full of moon-wild people. But, wildness is a kind of freedom, and sometimes rather than feeling free, we get to feeling down. A March 2020 full moon in Virgo is a moon that craves closure, a lid that fits over an overstuffed box. If a full moon is the completion of a cycle, then completing something on the eve of a full moon could be an emotional remedy. To be honest, completing anything, at any point in the next week, would be a real win for a good deal of people out there. It's been a chaotic February, full of stops and starts, wrong turns, and disinformation. Both Pisces and Virgo are mutable signs, easily affected by their environment and their relations. And, if amid American primaries, virus pandemics, and death penalties, you have found yourself missing flights, at odds with loved ones and co-workers, you're not alone. Communication breakdowns are troublesome at a drive-thru, but they are ruinous between people who just want to find middle ground, or find each other.

It's a good thing, then, that Mercury stations direct in Aquarius on the night of March 9, only hours after our moon becomes full in Virgo. We've only got the Mercury retrograde shadow period to contend with from here on in and, overall, there will be a greater sense of just how to put things to rights. Mercury is quincunx the moon in Virgo, and while Mercury might gain a bit of static in spacey Aquarius, it's also ready to think things through and move forward using collective methods. Whether those methods involve team-building activities, processing sessions, or split-off affinity groups, Mercury in Aquarius knows how to create space for multiple truths as well as prioritizing what needs attending to first and foremost. Aquarians, it is said, make for very good leaders—especially during a revolution. Isn't that what the young-at-heart amongst us keep saying we want? A change in the status quo? A change to come?

Uranus, the planet of rebellion and the lord of Aquarius, is conjunct Venus in Taurus this week and even the more stubborn amongst us might find our values shifting and our hearts more affable. While Mercury in Aquarius keeps turning and turning in the widening gyre, the Virgo moon is more of a team player and loves to see a project through to the end. Especially one they've only started recently to distract themselves from what's really bothering them, like repairing an old bicycle or refinishing a dresser. While these things might seem cumbersome or small in the grand scheme of things, Virgo recognizes that in times of chaos, inner peace comes from tending to the material things that surround us.

Neptune conjuncts the Sun in Pisces the day before the full moon, and this combination is a sure recipe for flimsy boundaries and big dreams. While this sounds like a good time for the poets and wayward lovers amongst us, it's not a good time that lasts. When the hem of dress that outlines your reality begins to get frayed and distressed, when the media, the news, and the state of world health has you at loose ends, then start by collecting what ends are nearest to you. Since one can't control a pandemic (presumably), or voter suppression in this country, or the behaviors of others that you don't agree with, it's as good a time as ever to figure out what, exactly, in your life you do have control over and begin there.

Mending can be small. It can mean a night in, sorting through socks and discarding the ones that no longer protect you from your blistering boots. Assembling your bank statements and receipts, making a little folder on your laptop to prepare for taxes—an unfortunate burden of your occupation of the land on which you live—so that they are not an amorphous cloud of anxiety that trails behind you all month. Virgo, often associating with the 6th house of work and health, encourages you to put your long-term health over your short-term pleasures. Perhaps, in lieu of fixing the world or filing dreaded financial documents, you can spend the night making a list of all the ways your body needs you and communicates that need. Striving to value what is private about you, what is not productive for the sake of capital but rather for the sake of your ability to be fully alive and present in this world is a form of resistance. Pledge to learn your body's language and to speak it back. This full moon, if you feel unheard, invalidated, come home to yourself and tend to the hearth.