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Glossier Is Finally Releasing THAT Pink Sweatshirt

Act fast

by Tembe Denton-Hurst

In bank account-threatening news, Glossier is expanding its GlossiWEAR line to include a few new items we're sure will sell out upon release. It's the brand's first foray into clothing (the previous launch was mostly accessories) and includes the pink hoodie it teased earlier this month.

The drop also includes a white-on-white hat (we love a monochrome moment) and a blue long-sleeve shirt with the iconic three-eyed emoji, both of which are worthy additions to your cart. Is it the most innovative merch we've ever seen? Debatable. Will we join the masses in trying to cop a few things? Probably.

The initial release—which is now sold-out in the U.S. and available in limited quantities in the U.K.—included a duffle bag, a marble comb, pool slides, and Glossier-branded hair clips we're sure we'll see floating around on Instagrams everywhere for months to come.

According to the product pages, the new merch will drop on 9/6—meaning you should probably start setting up alerts soon.

Photo courtesy of Glossier

Glossier, Long Sleeve Shirt, $25, available 9/6 at

Photo courtesy of Glossier

Glossier, Hoodie, $45, available 9/6 at

Photo courtesy of Glossier

Glossier, Baseball Cap, $25, available 9/6 at