Photo courtesy of Glow Recipe


Glow Recipe Is Launching Another Delicious Mask

Goodbye watermelon, hello...

Glow Recipe exploded on the scene last year with its Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, which has been flying off the shelves since its debut. Now, the brand will drop its second mask just in time for the harsh winter weather.

Meet the Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask, a sleep (or wash-off, whichever you prefer) mask for combatting dry, dull skin. The mask is made up of 74 percent avocado, in various forms—avocado flesh, avocado extracts, avocado oil, and avocado butter—all contributing to the rich formula. The fruit is full of antioxidants, as well as oleic and linoleic acid, which help reduce inflammation in the skin. As noted in the press release, they also help restore collagen and make for a heavy-duty moisturizer.

The mask additionally uses Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA), which gently exfoliates dead skin and attracts water molecules, which will help keep your skin bright and moisturized. There's also little Manuka honey in the formula, another ingredient high in antioxidants which helps firm skin and reduce redness.

The creamy mask promises to make your dry, tired skin feel moisturized and bouncy by morning, which is exactly what we'll need once the cold winter winds stay for good. The mask will drop at Sephora on Cyber Monday, November 26, and will be available in stores on November 28.

You'll want to act fast. If the brand's track record is any indication, this product will fly off the shelves too. If you're worried you won't get to Sephora in time, you can sign up to buy the mask before it launches at Glow Recipe's website.