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My Favorite Size-Inclusive Bra Brand Just Launched Its Softest Styles Yet

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Harper Wilde, the bra company with which I've long been obsessed for its ultra-comfortable, size-inclusive bra range, just dropped its softest, most comfortable bras yet.

Launched on Tuesday, Harper Wilde's new sports bra, The Move, and bralette, The Bliss, were made by two women who intimately understand the problems with other options on the market—meaning, the two styles were made with comfort and utility in mind. How good are they? Well, these bras have actually made me—a person who prefers not to wear bras at all—want to wear one.

The problem with many sports bras and bralettes, in my humble opinion, is that they either hold you in too much or not enough. It's pretty painful when your bra doesn't compress enough, especially when you're doing cardio, but it's sometimes even worse when your bra pushes you in too much. Though I've searched for a happy medium, I've often had to settle for bras that compress me so much that it's kind of hard to breathe, just so my boobs aren't moving too much when I step onto the treadmill. The Move changed the game for me, though, offering comfortable compression, and keeping my chest controlled enough for me to run to the beat of my fave Megan Thee Stallion songs with no problem.

Photo courtesy of Harper Wilde

The Bliss, on the other hand, is one of the most supportive and comfiest lounging bralette in the game. I can relax without having to fear that I'll suffer a nip slip—which I can't say about some of the other bralettes I have. It's made of thin, silky material, but that doesn't mean it's flimsy. Quite the opposite: Even though it's buttery soft, you won't be slipping and sliding within this bralette.

To make the launch even better, each style is available in sizes XS to XXXL. The brand's everyday bras are available in sizes ranging from 32A to 42F, but obviously, not only do we need wired bras in plus sizes, but sports bras as well. As much as some other companies will say otherwise, everyone deserves the chance to feel and look good in underwear.

The Move and The Bliss are available at Harper Wilde's website for $45 apiece, though you can always try on the brand's underwire options for free with its Home Try On feature.

Harper Wilde, The Move and The Bliss, $45 each, available at Harper Wilde.