Photo by Lindsey Byrnes via @yelyahwilliams Twitter


Hayley Williams' Has Released Hair Care Products

For her hair color brand GoodDyeYoung

Back in 2016 when Hayley Williams launched her hair color line GoodDyeYoung, we couldn't help be ecstatic over all of the unconventional hair color ops that were ahead of us. And while she's since expanded her brand into the temporary category with Poser Paste, a "hair makeup" that washes out in a day or two, she's now taking it into a whole new (and exciting) territory: hair care.

Yesterday, Williams announced the launch of a new collection named Color Kind, an offering of two color-safe hair care products. First up is Wash, a creamy cleansing shampoo that nourishes the hair while repairing damage with ingredients like hibiscus extract and coconut oil. Second is Rinse, a deeply hydrating, yet lightweight, conditioner that uses sunflower seed oil to help both strands and the scalp retain moisture.

And while both products are particularly nourishing for color- and chemically-treated locks, these formulas are great for all hair types, whether you're sporting a neon and cotton candy 'do or not.

Like Good Dye Young's other products, both Color Kind's Wash and Rinse are cruelty-free, vegan, and don't contain any sulfates or parabens. Most importantly, the scent of both new products is "sexiiii and cool," according to a tweet by Williams. Well, if that couldn't convince us, I'm not sure what can.

You can shop the new Color Kind collection at for $26 each.

Photo courtesy of Good Dye Young