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Kesha Is Launching A Makeup Line Because Beauty Standards Are "Bullshit"

We can't wait

by Tembe Denton-Hurst

Kesha's been busy. In addition to becoming a permanent brunette, releasing the visuals for her new single "Raising Hell," and prepping for the release of High Road, the singer-songwriter is also launching a beauty brand, Kesha Rose. She opened up about the forthcoming line in a new interview with Refinery29. Kesha Rose is all about "expressing yourself," she told the website, adding that "beauty standards that are set by society are bullshit." She also shared that the line will include "all my favorite bright, insane rainbow- and earth- and nature-inspired colors," although she was tight-lipped about exactly what those products would be.

According to the article, ultimately, she hopes that both the makeup line and her music will encourage people to create their own definitions of beauty: "I want people to play with it and have fun with it and hopefully feel like they're expressing their auras and souls through makeup and not so concerned with looking like some perfectly symmetrical, filtered Instagram thing."

There's no official date set for the products just yet, but we won't be surprised if everyone's rocking Kesha Rose early next year. Read the full interview, here.