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Did Kristen Stewart Just Invent The Leather Bra?

Life update: We've now moved on from cashmere bras

Kristen Stewart is blessing us with a ton of appearances as she promotes her upcoming film Charlie's Angels. Over the weekend, she hosted Saturday Night Live, where she had a face-off with Kate McKinnon and did her best Paramore cosplay. More recently, on Wednesday morning, she stopped by Good Morning America in an ensemble that has us wondering if the actress did, in fact, invent the leather bra.

That's right. We've moved on from cashmere bras paired with coquettish, slouchy cardigans and are now on the hunt for sleek leather bras that go nicely with suits. Stewart's full look, styled by Tara Swennen, hails from Acne Studios' Fall 2019 collection, and is made up of a herringbone cropped blazer and matching trousers. As far as accessories go, Stewart opted for a pair of black Manolo Blahnik pumps, vintage-style sunglasses, and her go-to collection of layered chains and pendant necklaces.

Stewart is no stranger to making suits look far from stuffy. There was that time she wore a chartreuse suit slightly off-the-shoulder, and the time she dressed up in a crop top version from Chanel. But this one is by far our favorite one yet, and we're already saving up for when Acne drops this leather bra for sale. Sure, we might not be able to pull off this 'fit as easily as Stewart can, but at least we can admire the hell out of it. Take a closer look, below.

Kristen Stewart in Acne Studios for an appearance on "Good Morning America"Photo by MediaPunch/Shutterstock