The original Gossip Girl cast.
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12 Unhinged, Forgotten Gossip Girl Plot Lines

Remember when Serena said she killed someone?

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Part of why Gossip Girl is so iconic is because there is so much to hate and to love simultaneously: Jenny’s smoky eye, the way Serena simply discards her cell phone in a public garbage can when confronted with a stressful text, how Nate never says a single interesting thing. The show’s iconic plot lines fall into that love/hate relationship, with some truly unhinged stories throughout its six-season run. Ahead, you’ll find some of our most absurd favorites.

Dan And Georgina’s Baby

Georgina showed up in the Humphrey loft pregnant and said she was having Dan’s baby. Dan stepped up to the role despite no paternity test, and big surprise — the baby ends up not being his. Georgina actually had an affair with a married Russian man, whose wife threatened to have her killed when she found out, but called off the hit after she said Dan was the father. Eventually, she just moved out of the loft and took the baby with her. And none of this was remotely interesting!

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