6 Thoughts I Had Upon Tasting Baskin-Robbins’ New Mangonada

by Erin Kelly

As someone who’s known for holding a thermos full of caffeine at all times, I was skeptical that a tropical, fruit-forward drink would give me the midday pick-me-up I needed. But the new Baskin-Robbins Mangonada — a refreshing (and dare I say, exhilarating) take on a traditional Mexican beverage — hit me with the sweetest blend of mango and spicy chamoy sauce, giving me a serious jolt and a much-needed reset that set the tone for the rest of the day.

To help prep you for that first sip, I’m going to let you in on what went through my mind when I tasted the Mangonada. Keep tapping for a flavor ride your taste buds will never forget.

1. Da-YUM, It’s beautiful

Even before my first taste, I had to take a second to marvel at the presentation. The drink vibrantly blends colors like fire red and glowing yellow, giving off serious sun-soaked beach vibes. It was so social media-worthy, I just had to take a pic!