All About Capricorn: Your Complete Guide To The Earth Sign

Everything you need to know about Capricorn the Seagoat

by christie craft

December 22 – January 19

Symbol: The Seagoat

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Element: Earth

Quality: Cardinal

Body part: Skin, bones, teeth, knees

Personal Mantra: I take charge, I earn respect

Crystal: Garnet

Colors: Earthy browns, charcoal gray, black, navy blue

Luckiest Numbers: 1, 4, 8, 10, 13, 17, 19, 22, 26

Positive Traits: Practical, loyal, determined, ambitious, wise, mature, disciplined, patient, cautious, responsible, professional, sincere

Negative Traits: Gloomy, stubborn, condescending, unforgiving, overly serious, awkward, greedy, self-centered, uptight  

Most Likely BFFs: Virgo, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Most Likely to be Bae: Cancer, Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus

Most Likely to be Frenemies: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius

Famous Capricorns:

Michelle Obama

Alexander Hamilton

Zayn Malik

LeBron James

Meghan Trainor

Elvis Presley

Gabby Douglas


Liam Hemsworth

Muhammed Ali

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Jim Carrey

Norman Reedus

Calvin Harris

Betty White

Blue Ivy Carter

Denzel Washington

Kate Spade

Stephen Hawking

Justin Trudeau

Diane von Furstenberg

Kate Middleton

Eddie Redmayne

Ricky Martin

Maggie Smith

Edgar Allan Poe

Zooey Deschanel

Dolly Parton

Zora Neale Hurston

Kate McKinnon

J.R.R. Tolkien

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Patti Smith

Mary J. Blige

Mary Tyler Moore

Diane Keaton

Kit Harrington

Capricorn is no fly-by-night fool—you won’t find those born roughly between December 22 and January 19 taking any shortcuts, nor will you find these practical children of the harsh heart of winter (in the Northern Hemisphere) taking a backseat to weak leadership. The 10th sign of the zodiac is saddled with a reputation for being the most serious sign of the 12, possessing unshakable independence and shrewd pragmatism that propels these ambitious souls straight to the mountain’s summit, both in their personal and professional lives. Capricorn’s intense self-control and discipline are hardly matched by any other sign, competing only with fellow earth sign Virgo and compatible water sign Scorpio. But Capricorn tends to take the trophy in that celestial comparison, thanks to their realistic sense of hard work and delayed gratification. These signs know they’ll reach the top—they’re not as concerned about how long or what trajectory the journey will take. Capricorn will get there; maybe not first, but certainly as the best.

Leaders in professionalism, Capricorn isn’t afraid of a late night in the office or working weekends. The Capricorn-born are reliable, straight-shooters whose traditionalist values and uncomplicated ethics typically put them first in line to inherit authority and leadership in their chosen field. These folks are the picture of efficiency, organized to the hilt and industrious to a tee. Details won’t escape Capricorn’s scrupulous eye—but don’t expect them to make waves or cause a commotion in times of crisis. Emotions are not readily expressed through outbursts or drama; Cap prefers channeling their feelings into actions with tactile results. This is all very fitting for a sign ruled by the 10th House of Social and Professional Status, which focuses on life achievements and the authority, respect, and privilege gained as a result.

Loyalty, grit, and true hard work are Capricorn’s currency, carefully cultivating these traits in themselves and valued above all else in those they bring into their environment. Capricorns often have a knack for slipping into parental roles with friends, colleagues, and even becoming mentors to lovers and romantic companions. Even in pleasure Capricorn takes a businesslike approach, viewing every one of their endeavors as a project with many steps that must be taken in a specific succession. Being so dedicated and adherent to their willful path can tip the Seagoat’s fortitude into bleak stubbornness to the point of martyrdom and absurdity. Sometimes, this characteristic can become overblown and turn into authoritarianism. Other times, Capricorn’s extreme ambition and drive can mutate into greed driven by an imbalanced ego. More often than not, though, Capricorn is content as ever to sit back and wait patiently for their chance to shine at the right time and in the right place, rather than butting heads and locking horns for the sake of being ornery. Still, the staid Cap-born set is notoriously unforgiving when it comes to perceiving others as lacking in ambition and diligence.  

Capricorn’s symbol—the Seagoat, a mythical creature with the head, front hooves, and torso of a mountain goat and the tail of a fish—seems like something better suited for cryptozoology, but it’s a fitting if bizarre metaphor for this dauntless sign. The mountain goat half of Capricorn is relentlessly compelled to scale rocky mountain ridges, summiting over icy, treacherous terrain. Why take such a risk? The air is much clearer and fresher above the rest, a natural, simple kind of bliss other signs won’t likely experience. Only Capricorn’s surefooted diligence will take them to the top, a trek few have the patience or strategic skills to accomplish. The aquatic half of the Seagoat speaks to Capricorn’s tenacious adaptability in the face of steep challenges. Sure, Capricorn can be extremely rigid when it comes to their chosen path, but they don’t mind delving to dark, cold wetness to get the job done. Fame, prestige, and security (read: money) are the Seagoat’s main motivators, and they know that reaching the endgame means enduring harsh landscapes. Capricorn’s hardiness is easily misinterpreted by more sensitive signs, sticking under the skin like a splinter. This sign isn’t typically flamboyant or overt, but they do view themselves as the trail boss, which means they can easily lean into a domineering mindset.

Saturn, Capricorn’s ruling planet, represents obligation, maturity, learned wisdom through hard work, and life’s many restrictions. The planetary influence of Saturn gives the 10th sign of the zodiac many gifts in the realm of responsibility, commitment to duty, and practicality—especially when it comes to money. The Capricorn-born are aces when it comes to arguing their side and have a knack for convincing others that they’re right. Even if their opposition won’t readily admit it, Capricorn easily gets under the skin and into deep channels of the mind through their sweeping logic and grounded stance in tough reality. In ancient Greco-Roman mythology, Saturn was the father of all gods, including Jupiter (Zeus), the King of Olympus. Taking folklore into consideration, it’s clear to see where Capricorn gets their sense of “ruling maturity.” Caps are natural parents and authority figures in most of their endeavors who earn trust and respect easily through their sharp common sense and wisdom. Often, those born under this sign (or those with Capricorn rising or heavy Cap influences in their natal chart) are considered “old souls” or “born grandparents” from a young age. Their realism is unparalleled by any other sign; combined with their force of discipline, Capricorns don’t rest on their laurels as astrological authority figures. Despite this immediate trust, like anything else in their lives, Seagoats know intrinsically that the true status of respect they seek won’t come immediately and are distrustful of easy-won titles and quick successes.   

Capricorns are certainly down-to-earth types, a literal reflection of the element associated with their sign: earth. These folks appreciate the tactile and obvious—like good, old-fashioned dirt. Capricorn-born people feel much more secure plugging away at digging a figurative (or literal) hole in the earth to plant their private dreams, shrugging off wild schemes and fantasy-driven plans. That’s not to say that Capricorn isn’t creative; these signs are incredibly innovative and meticulous in creating their own destiny, however, they won’t trust something they can’t hold in their hands. Earth signs are physical, which means these personalities are far more concerned with actions over words. Capricorn won’t put their faith into something they can’t see, touch, and experience in the most solid, tangible sense. Those born to this shrewd, detail-driven sign make expert attorneys and lawyers, particularly when focused on constitutional law, drafting legislature, and presiding over contractual agreements. Nothing gets past Cap’s eagle eye—and you don’t want to go toe-to-toe with them in any kind of dispute regarding legal documents.

Earth signs are often the business-focused artisans of the zodiac. Capricorn is inspired by genuine quality in their work and wouldn’t ever dream of associating themselves or their good name with shoddy work or a half-assed job. Once again, Cap doesn’t care how long it will take or how hard they’ll toil toward their goals. The Capricorn-born are possibly the earthiest of their sibling earth signs Taurus and Virgo, preferring to stick their nose to the grind and ensure their work is carried out with the highest integrity, whereas Taurus may become sidetracked by aesthetics and style or Virgo’s tendency to lose track of time and deadlines when drowned in the nitty-gritty details of a deal. Hence, a Virgo-Taurus-Capricorn team might just be an unstoppable alliance! Earth signs’ obsession with palpable results does skew them as a tad materialistic, and though Capricorn is economical to a Spartan degree, they can become slighted if they feel that they aren’t being compensated fairly or completely for their industry and product. Virgo will poke and prod relentlessly until they feel an equitable solution has been found, Taurus might pout and roll their eyes passive-aggressively, but Capricorn will take an icy tack and completely pull out until they get their way in business arrangements. Both Capricorn and Taurus have a rep for being more materialistic and greedy, but unlike their Bull siblings, Seagoats are much too concerned with their dignity and will not allow themselves to be swept by their emotions. Cap wants to be rewarded but won’t risk their manners or traditional reserve in conflicts around money, instead, remaining visibly polite and cool-headed at all times.

Capricorn is a Cardinal sign, blessing these personalities with an edge in the race to the top. As a Cardinal sign, Capricorns are clever, witty, and are driven to win at all things they take on. The signs belonging to the Cardinal “quadruplicity” are considered the initiators of the zodiac since the Sun moves into these signs at the beginning of their season, such as Cancer in early summer, Libra in early fall, Capricorn in early winter, and Aries in early spring. These signs prefer to be the first in their field, stirring the pot to really get things cooking. For Capricorn, this means those born under this sign are self-starters and innovators in business and their profession, yet finishing is always a big challenge for Cardinal signs who tend to always have a lot of pots boiling on the stove. Anyone looking in on Capricorn’s ambition from the outside might label these diligent workers as self-centered, power hungry, or greedy often eat their dust as the Seagoat powers through naysaying and opposition. In fact, negativity is often a major motivator to Capricorn on the road to success.

Capricorns are born of undeniably strong stock, impressing and obliviating others with their obsessive willingness to power through hard work. Still, you can count on Capricorn to play fair and by the rules—these signs are no cheaters. Capricorn’s goals and ambitions are absolutely boundless, growing by the day, sometimes the hour. Colleagues, friends, and observers of Capricorn might only see the surface of a traditional, buttoned-up work ethic and wonder if this sign can truly enjoy the bounty of their earnings in their lifetime. It’s no secret that Capricorn’s outwardly conservative image paints them with a broad brush of being stiff or “prude.” Yet the Seagoat’s cautious, conservative methods and dedication to responsibility and honor always sweetens their eventual success. You might not catch Cap cracking a smile when they hit the finish line, but they’ll be all aglow inside.

Physical Traits: How to Spot a Capricorn

Capricorn is ruled by the skin, bones, teeth and knees. Like any other sign, Capricorn’s physicality ranges a vast spectrum of traits, though typically the Capricorn-born tend to boast a sturdy, well-rooted frame. Since the skeletal structure is ruled by Cap, these folks have an unshakable stature, even making the more slender, willowy types seem like ancient oaks. A shapely, muscular stature seems to earn Capricorn more attention in public than they’re comfortable with. Generally, their overall appearance invokes an impression of sternness, solidity, depth, and maturity. That can mean Capricorns look older than they are, often giving them very early access to parts of society usually reserved for those beyond their years (hello, fake I.D. much? You betcha).

With fine features that seem to be chiseled in stone and a deep-set, serious gaze, Capricorn’s face is statuesque. In fact, thanks to their planetary ruler, Capricorns characteristically possess a “Saturnian face” with broad bone structure and a squared-off face shape, a commanding jaw and upper brow ridge, the polar opposite of Cancer’s trademark moon face. Their eyebrows tend to be thick and full, a prominent feature that is commonly the only show of emotion on their faces. Capricorn’s eyes are often dark, conveying depth and seriousness that can sometimes seem cold or unemotional. A thin, stern upper lip rarely cracks a smile, rather concealing their feelings in deep contemplation, but when they do they tend to reveal a broad, dazzling smile that completely changes the landscape of their face.

Personal Style

Capricorn natives are masters of the traditional, preferring a “uniform” style of dress even when it’s not required. Their personal style is marked by an earthy neutrality and ordinariness; like sibling earth sign Virgo, Capricorn abhors sticking out in a crowd. Usually, Caps are far more concerned with function over aesthetics, adhering to practicality in their wardrobes over artful tastes. Some might peg their style as endearingly nerdy or academic, appearing as if they’re scientists, philosophers, professors, or scholars. Stylistically, it’s clear these folks are far more concerned with long-term goals rather than a finely curated closet.

But don’t box this sign’s sense of style as boring; despite sticking to a versatile-yet-professional look, body-hugging silhouettes—especially in denim of many washes—lend Capricorn a sexy edge. This sign is one of the most likely to live by monochromes, all-black, and earthy neutrals, being particular to browns, khakis, and all shades of gray but especially classic charcoal. Fussy and very particular, Capricorn isn’t very fond of accessorizing with jewelry unless the pieces are cherished and hold special meaning, like a family heirloom or a valued gift from a friend or lover. Still, Capricorn seems effortlessly graceful in their conservative dress. What’s more, these signs are some of the few that can flawlessly pull off an unconventional brown hue on the lips and nails, like a deep matte chocolate or a glossy cappuccino manicure. Capricorns do need to take special care of their feet—they tend to be larger than average and comically prone to injury or wear and tear. Ouch!

Compatible Signs

As a rule, Capricorn is incredibly picky with who they choose to keep close. Some personalities will adopt an icy exterior to combat unwelcome solicitations—or to hide their shyness under a fierce sheen—but most will be coolly polite, even coy, in an effort to remain friendly and non-threatening. Seagoats get on famously with other earth signs like Taurus and Capricorn, but especially Virgo, who shares a stoicism and obsession with work and details. Earthy Capricorn is surprisingly nourished and emotionally changed by the powerful intuition of water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), though some are more intense than others, making them too hot to handle for conventional Caps. Cancer the Crab is uniquely connected to Capricorn since they are each other’s polar opposite sign; Cancerian personalities are soothing and motherly, providing a safe, secure emotional space for Capricorn to express their feelings instead of bottling them up. Likewise, Pisces can open the doors of imagination and fantasy to Capricorn, reminding them that many virtues exist in embracing the unseen world and conjuring your future through a dreamer’s eyes. Scorpio is often an excellent long-term match for Capricorn since they truly appreciate each other’s discipline and intensity, however, Scorp’s burning-hot passion and attraction to darkness will make these two terrifyingly fierce, scorched-earth foes should their alliance turn sour.    

Shadow Side

A Capricorn’s mind can master most things other signs couldn’t fathom, but these serious stiffs can sometimes have the effect of an ice-cold bucket of fish thrown onto a crowded, steamy dance floor. Yes, the Capricorn-born have a bad rep for letting the air out of a party’s tires, mostly due to their unflinching realism and practicality stumping their ability to let loose and live out a free-wheeling fantasy every now and then. In fact, Capricorn’s realism can easily bleed into pessimism. These signs aren’t usually actively trying to deflate hopes and dreams, but they’ll be the first to poke holes in your plan. More often than not, Capricorn’s harsh criticisms are rooted in reality; they’re simply trying to be helpful by assisting in fortifying the weak links in your strategy, but their relentlessness in pointing out flaws can become downright exhausting if their words aren’t tempered with a bit of encouragement.

Yet there does exist an exhausting breed of Seagoat who actually does relish in gloom and doom—these are the unshakable “Eeyore” types of the zodiac, and they will drive you nuts. If a Capricorn isn’t satisfied in their own life, they might lean on their strength in realism and pragmatism simply to rain on others’ parades and make themselves feel powerful. It’s rare, but it’s a nasty sort indeed often pegged by their constant complaining and negativity verging on psychic or energetic vampirism.

Interpersonal conflicts are common with Capricorns, surfacing mostly in professional or scholastic environments where teamwork, open collaboration, and social closeness is valued. Capricorn likes to go it alone in their work life, which can make them seem cold. Usually, this is just a masked form of shyness, but their insular methods of working can make them somewhat combative. These signs don’t like to be told how to work, or whom to work closely with, and will buck authority if needed. More commonly, Capricorn will assume an authoritarian, controlling stance to protect themselves, leaving a bad taste in socially open, creatively fluid colleagues. This is particularly true when Capricorn is face-to-face with nonconformists and inventive types, which can be very threatening to Cap’s traditionalist values and cautious conservatism. Rifts can be especially deep when Capricorn becomes nitpicky or insensitive in their critiques. Capricorn’s weakness is accepting diversity, particularly when it comes to differences in ideology, personal lifestyle, or methods. Someone dissimilar to them could have a perfectly good strategy, but if it’s too far off Capricorn’s map they will reject it outright, often obtusely.

If Capricorn finds themselves in a bitter conflict, they will be unrelenting and slow to find a truce in common, neutral ground. Often, Capricorn’s consciousness is clouded by their one-way thinking, assuming they are the only ones fit enough to solve any given problem. This level of condescension is alienating to most others and will earn them no allies in the fight. Another blemish on Capricorn’s internal constitution is their insistence that they do not need friends or allies in business to reach the pinnacles they so crave. Seagoats have a harsh tendency to leave those who’ve helped them behind, once they’ve reached the highest summit of their ambitions, and would do well to adopt empathy in business.

Capricorn’s realism and economical values can give them a distasteful preoccupation for keeping tabs on what they’re owed, tit-for-tat. Though this thoroughness can be an asset in many success-driven endeavors, it can also corner this sign into the shadows of greed, materialism, and miserliness. Capricorn needs to work hard to actively appreciate all their achievements—not just the ones they can put in the bank or on their trophy shelf. So many Capricorns brush this type of advice off as pish-posh nonsense, but for a sign so obsessed with status and respect, a balanced ego and sense of self-worth are more valuable than bricks of gold.