Photographed by Ricky Michiels, Beauty Editor: Jade Taylor, Styled by Michael Kozak, Makeup by Lindsey Williams, Hair by Remy Moore, Model: Tatyana Cotton at Soul Artist Management


All About Libra: Your Complete Guide to the Sun Sign

Everything you need to know about Libra the Scales

by christie craft

All About Virgo: September 23 – October 23 

Symbol: The Scales

Ruling Planet: Venus

Element: Air

Quality: Cardinal

Body part: The lower back, butt

Personal Mantra: I balance, I harmonize

Crystal: White opal, rutilated quartz, blue tourmaline, moldavite

Colors: Sky blue, pastels, soft sherbet and sunset hues, creamy ivory neutrals   

Luckiest Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 32, 55, 75

Positive Traits: Peaceful, charming, sociable, diplomatic, elegant, natural leaders

Negative Traits: Indecisive, people-pleasing, “players,” dictatorial, superficial, passive aggressive 

Most Likely BFFs: Aquarius, Gemini, Sagittarius, Leo, Aries, Taurus

Most Likely to be Bae: Aries, Aquarius, Gemini

Most Likely to be Frenemies: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn 

Famous Libras:

Zac Efron

Serena Williams

Gwen Stefani

William Faulkner

T.S. Eliot

Lil Wayne


Matt Damon

R.L. Stein

Bruno Mars

Sharon Osbourne

Snoop Dogg


Vladimir Putin

Libras are victims of typecasting as the graceful, elegant, sometimes vain social butterflies of astrology; yes, they’re often all those things, but they’re also no-nonsense justice crusaders, political puppet masters, all-star athletes, and cool-headed coaches. The seventh sign of the 12, Libra season sits at the midpoint of the astrological year, resting in the balance between the first and second half of the zodiac. Symbolized by the scales of justice, Libra is the only sign not represented by a sentient being—a strange detail, but a clear illustration of what these gentle, intellectual air signs are all about: balance. By nearly any means necessary, Libra is focused on harmonizing and beautifying their personal worldview. Their personal ethics, whether humanitarian and progressive or self-serving and dictatorial, determines how these quietly powerful signs carve out their space in the universe.

The first six signs of the zodiac are focused on the individual’s surface, but the last six—beginning with Libra—start to delve deeper into the unconscious psyche, marking the onset of the deeper, more mature signs’ seasons. Libras carry the torch into this part of the astrological year, literally lighting the way for others, like the Statue of Liberty’s beacon in New York Harbor. Libra’s a human’s human, a total people person with their hearts set on understanding and relating to others on a meaningful level.

Libra’s prowess in navigating personalities makes them more powerful and effective with other people, a characteristic that’s given these signs a bad rep as codependent, clingy, or unable to be alone. Though it’s true that this air sign is known to be at their best when in a partnership or serious relationship, nothing could be further from the truth for most Librans, who enjoy peaceful solitude, sunshine, and self-care in their downtime. Rather, Libra’s constant quest to connect with people is to objectively collect intel on what everyone likes and dislikes, who they are, and what makes them shimmy and shake. Understanding personalities feeds Libra the strategy to strike the perfect balance and orchestrate a flawless situational play. Manipulative? You betcha. Malicious? Meh, not always. Even when their motives are completely self-serving, you can bet that there will be some pleasant parties to attend and some positive side-effects for the community’s greater good as a result of their scheming.

Still, the Scales are more Friday Night Lights than House of Cards; Libras are team players to the max, despite tending to create insular cliques wherever they go. Because they’re so focused on harmony and a sense of fair play, Libras make incredible leaders, coaches, and teachers, energized by the task of creating balance, especially in cooperative groups. Libra is nothing if not objective, a sign that simply wants to do right by everyone, compromising and balancing the scales of reason until a solution is found that’s best for everyone involved. Justice-crusading aside, when Libra is working their group-think social magic, their drive is simply to avoid conflict. Libra loathes—no, despises—fighting, arguing, or conflict of any shade, and will literally bend over backwards to avoid unpleasantness, even if it means becoming a martyr or even a turncoat. Libra isn’t above changing course on a rocky path, and if they see a better angle, they’ll snatch the opportunity. This quality can make Libras seem indecisive, fickle, or even dishonest to some. Libra simply wants to work smarter, not harder—while making as many friends and as few enemies as possible in the process.

Libra’s ruling planet is Venus, personified by the ancient Roman goddess of love, money, and beauty. But Venus isn’t all Champagne and roses—she’s got a wild side that favors hedonism and excess, not to mention vanity and materialism. Libra’s taste for valuable, expensive beautiful people, places, and things can be attributed to their seductive ruling planet. Thanks to Venus, these signs are suave social sharks who always know exactly what to say at the right time, whether it be an off-the-cuff joke or an apology.

Sometimes, the Scales can seem like magnets for gossip—not about themselves, of course—Libras tend to be vessels of intel about others. After all, when you know a zillion people you’re bound to know a zillion tidbits of information, all thanks to the sign’s Venusian magnetism. Venus lends these air signs a uniquely artistic sense in everything they do, from their manner of speaking to their personal style and home decor. Libra’s mission is to use their creative strategies to manifest a more beautiful, interesting world.

As an air sign, Libra possesses an unparalleled intellectualism unique from their air sign siblings, Gemini and Aquarius. Similarly, Libra excels at communicating abstract thought to others. These signs can’t stand to be bored and know how to put their agile, restless minds to good use at all times. Lively and thoughtful conversationalists, Libras make fantastic broadcast journalists, reporters, and interviewers, as well as teachers and coaches. Though the Scales certainly get their peppy gift of gab from their air element, they’re down for a friendly debate every so often but are not much for arguing. Living by the law of diplomacy, Libras will use their charm and coolheadedness to talk their way out of an argument before launching into a full-fledged quarrel. Nothing ever progresses to violence or malice with Libra; they’re far too sophisticated to act beneath themselves. Libra’s greatest strength is their complete lack of hot-temperedness, their ability to float above the bullshit with an uncrackable porcelain smile.

Libra’s love of pleasure and indulgence gives them a highly cultured, worldly epicureanism, making them a rich delight to be around. When it comes to Libra’s work ethic, they may have a tendency to be a bit haughty in getting their hands dirty. High-minded “armchair” professions—especially those having to do with communications and the public at large—are Libra’s best bets. Libra’s impeccable taste for beauty and what’s current make these creative creatures brilliant designers, artists, stylists, interior decorators, and more. Just take a look into any Libra’s meticulously curated wardrobe and you’ll be begging to have them dress you.

Though not as rugged as, say, Taurus, who shares Venus as a ruling planet, Libra still relishes in the outdoors, gravitating toward beautiful natural scenes and vistas for their vacations. It’s vital that these signs learn how to unplug themselves mentally from time to time. Air signs especially struggle with anxiety and a tendency to mentally burn out if pushed beyond their bandwidth. A clear-cut balance between work and social life is necessary, as well as plenty of holidays off. Don’t get me wrong—Libras are hard workers, but they go for careers that allow them to mix socializing and partying with making money. What looks like play to other signs is work to Libra.

Libra is a Cardinal sign and belongs to a group called a “quadruplicity” consisting of of four signs—one of each of the elements—that occur at the very beginning of their season, such as Libra in early fall, Capricorn in early winter,  Aries in early spring, and Cancer in early summer. Cardinal signs are known for their energy and go-getter attitude with initiating new projects. These signs are some of the best leaders around, filled with a cheerleader spirit. Their pure enthusiasm for living life translates easily to ambition, which can be misinterpreted as domineering or a “my way or the highway” mentality. Whatever, Libras (and all Cardinal signs) want to win—and for Libra, that means cooperating and compromising to win hearts, minds, and alliances.

Exercise, health, and fitness often play big roles in Libra’s life for many reasons other than the obvious. Libra’s smart enough to know that feeling good is the first step to success, from their head to their toes. Self-image obsessed and sometimes vain, Libra has a tendency to become consumed with their appearance—especially when it comes to their body. Hitting the gym is therapeutic for Libra, who naturally turns their commitment to fitness into an opportunity to socialize. These air signs are the most likely to gather their buds for a workout sesh or become a devotee of a team sport or fitness class. Libra makes new friends and contacts wherever they go, which just adds to the relaxing effects of exercise on this sign. Libras need to be careful to stretch, paying close attention to the lower back and glutes, the areas of the body most prone to injury for this sign.

Libra is known to have an infectious laugh that puts others at ease, as well as a sweet, clear voice. These signs are the beautiful people of the zodiac, literally known for their stunning physical beauty and matchless sense of style and taste, thanks to their gorgeous, aesthetically inclined ruling planet Venus. Some tend to have cherubic faces, especially when young, which matures into very fine, statuesque features with lush lips and a Cupid’s bow smile. Libras have notoriously enviable complexions and soft, trusting eyes—matching that soft head of lightly curled or wavy hair. Many women born under this sign possess curvaceous, hourglass figures (again, you can thank sensual Venus for that) and voluptuous breasts. The most powerful marker of a Libra is their smile, which can illuminate an entire room with their subtle dimples. To say that their grin sets them apart from the crowd would be an understatement.

Style wise, Libra surrounds themselves with beauty and luxury, which can swing from the controlled-chaos of finely vignetted trinkets and knicknacks to completely mod minimalism. Whatever their style, you can bet money that their appearance and decor is highly curated. Libra gravitates towards soft, clean colors, especially those mimicking a sherbet sunset (Libras are suckers for a beautiful sunset). Creamy ivories, pastels, and sky blues are their power colors, but Libra can sport any color in the chicest way imaginable. 

Photographed by Ricky Michiels, Beauty Editor: Jade Taylor, Styled by Michael Kozak, Makeup by Lindsey Williams, Hair by Remy Moore, Model: Tatyana Cotton at Soul Artist Management

Shadow Side

Libra would never want to make a bad impression on you—or anyone—which can manifest negatively as their number-one shadow trait: A need to please all people at all times. Obviously, this is impossible because nobody’s perfect, but don’t tell Libra that! Libra’s need to never be seen as the bad guy can drive them to be complacent, two-faced, or so passive that they become doormats. Those born under this sign (or with Libra as their rising sign) need to remain vigilant in taking others’ opinions with a (huge) grain of salt. Libra’s most sensitive pressure point is what people think of them—or worse, what they’re saying about them.

Libra’s preoccupation with their social standing often drives them to go back on their word or forge a new path after committing to a different road. Their main motivation is to strike a balance between all options and angles to make everyone happy. But if everyone can’t be happy, then Libra is sure that the most powerful player gets their way, bestowing gratitude on sly, devious Libra. Libra’s tendency to flip-flop and jump ship for a smarter option gives them a heady reputation as unreliable and untrustworthy when at the helm. Conversely, when Libra tempers their Chess-like approach to social navigation, these signs can be some of the best leaders of the zodiac.  

These signs thrive independently, simply because they are the center of their own universe. This can be an incredible asset or become unbalanced and shift into narcissistic, self-serving compulsive behavior. Libra’s love affair with themselves, their personal aesthetic, and obsession with beauty also translates into self-absorption and vanity. Usually, this is a fairly harmless trait, but it can certainly get under the skin of other signs and begin to mar a Libra’s reputation and credibility—their worst nightmare.

The Scales are known for their aversion to fighting and will resort to throwing shade before it comes to throwing blows. But Libra is typically pulling the strings behind the scenes of every situation before it comes to a head. Libra’s incredible talent for handling various personalities makes them tremendously powerful politicians (literally and figuratively) and interpersonal puppet masters. Libra is not above setting up situations in their favor by manipulating other people. All Libra has to do is sit back and smile while everyone else dukes it out before becoming exhausted. In the end, all those involved will likely come to Libra as the mediator or new leader—completely unaware that they’ve all been played like a damn fiddle, Jackie Brown style.

Speaking of playing, Libras are notorious players. Libras know how to work a room and can’t help themselves when it comes to flirting. They want to weigh all their options and take in all the pleasures of sampling each suitor. When they make up their minds Libra is loyal to the core, but before making any big decisions the Scales want to play the field. Even when committed Libra can get caught flirting with just about anyone—non-committal flirting, of course; Libra just likes to know that they’ve still got it. Jealous lovers need not apply and will end up exhausting bubbly Libra.

Photographed by Ricky Michiels, Beauty Editor: Jade Taylor, Styled by Michael Kozak, Makeup by Lindsey Williams, Hair by Remy Moore, Model: Tatyana Cotton at Soul Artist Management

How to Love a Libra

Being ruled by a planet represented by an ancient love goddess certainly has its perks when it comes to Libra’s relationships. Libra’s connection to Venus makes this the most romantic, lovey-dovey sign of the zodiac. The idea of love is all-consuming to Libra and they are at their happiest and most high functioning when they are happily committed. Love is so intoxicating to Libra that it can sometimes become an actual addiction, compelling many born under this sign to jump headlong into new relationships without much thought. Serial monogamy becomes a lot like chasing a high for Libra, which can come with much heartbreak and drama if Libra isn’t careful. Libra isn’t that picky and will be curious to date many kinds of people—even the really bad ones—until they figure it out.

Libra can’t stand the idea of hurting another’s feelings or breaking hearts, and this often mires them in unhealthy relationships long after the love has died. When dating around, Libra is notoriously indecisive. This quality mixed with their inability to inflict emotional pain gives them a reputation as dishonest or spineless when it comes to being upfront. Libra isn’t likely to come right out and tell their date that they aren’t interested, rather stringing them along agonizingly until the other person becomes so confused and irritated that they take matters into their own hands. Though Libra is trying to avoid conflict, they are actually creating more conflict—and losing potential friends along the way.

Friends make the best love matches and partners for Libra. A partnership that starts as a casual friendship can evolve beautifully when Libra energy is present. Becoming friends before becoming romantic or sexual is just the ticket to put self-conscious Libra at ease—after all, making new friends is Libra’s comfort zone. These relationships are most likely to turn into long-lasting marriages and civil unions; Libra is the sign of balance and partnership with a capital “P” and needs that number two person in life.

When Libra finds the right person, they give much of themselves to the relationship, as if the union were a being all on its own. Libras are known to feel a sense of completeness and wholeness when they do settle down, and will do whatever it takes to nurture their relationships. Libras want nothing more than to please their partners, but in turn Libra needs to be worshiped and adored, too—just as Venus was back in the day. Don’t skimp on the sweet talk, Libra can’t get enough compliments. And while you’re at it, ratchet up the cheesy factor with some Champagne, rose petals, and expensive jewelry on a yacht. Yep, Libras are into all that pomp and circumstance in their love lives.

Photographed by Ricky Michiels, Beauty Editor: Jade Taylor, Styled by Michael Kozak, Makeup by Lindsey Williams, Hair by Remy Moore, Model: Tatyana Cotton at Soul Artist Management

Most Compatible Matches

Libra tends to get along with most people, but their glassy exterior and placid optimism may rub some of the more intense signs the wrong way. The Scales form harmonious relationships with other Libras and their sibling air signs, Gemini and Aquarius, who share their intellectualism and humanitarian life philosophy. Fire signs, though, are what really get Libra’s blood pumping. And fire cannot get enough of air—after all, oxygen literally fuels fire—creating an addictive, passionate, sometimes caustic love affair. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will all feel drawn to Libra—but they better come correct with their manners, making a big show of their attraction to Libra, lest this sign become bored and move on quickly.

Photographed by Ricky Michiels, Beauty Editor: Jade Taylor, Styled by Michael Kozak, Makeup by Lindsey Williams, Hair by Remy Moore, Model: Tatyana Cotton at Soul Artist Management

Friendship + Partnership

Libra can be counted (alongside Aquarius) as the professional friends of the zodiac. These personalities can’t be without an ironclad, expansive circle of friends. Because of Libra’s inquisitive, social nature, these signs get along with almost everyone—or at least try to. Though a few Libras may appear shy at first, rest assured that they’ll stop at nothing to try to befriend you, or at least become friendly. Libra, being so non-threatening and non-confrontational, is hard to resist in the friendship (and acquaintance) department. Libra knows everybody, and like Gemini, their sibling air sign, you probably know at least one Libra.

The Scales are the movers and shakers of the social scene, but unlike fire sign Leo, Libra isn’t simply seeking attention and adoration by the masses. No, Libras are the born and bred politicians of the zodiac. If it didn’t seem weird, Libra would greet crowds by kissing strangers’ infants. Libra wants to get in the back pocket of everyone around, from diverse and various backgrounds. You never know when you might need someone with pole-vaulting experience who also is fluent in Mongolian—Libra wants to be able to call in that favor if need be. In other words, Libra is an expert in “I know a guy…”

In business as well as domestic partnerships, Libra is usually the harmonizer and peace-seeker of the group. It’s this calming, cool-headed vibe that makes Libra the adhesive keeping together organizations, families, and cooperatives. Libra’s expertise in clearly seeing and interpreting others’ points of view puts others at ease knowing that Libra will be fair and just, like their symbol of the Scales of Justice illustrate. These bubbly air signs provide a sweet and charming human element to any business alliance, as well, bringing the party to the boardroom and generally making every client feel extra special. Libras embody the Mad Men persona with professional relationships, and would do very well in executive positions where entertaining partners and clients (or simply throwing an epic soiree) was required.

Photographed by Ricky Michiels, Beauty Editor: Jade Taylor, Styled by Michael Kozak, Makeup by Lindsey Williams, Hair by Remy Moore, Model: Tatyana Cotton at Soul Artist Management

How to Lose a Libra

Libras are known to be one of the most tenacious signs when it comes to ensuring the long life of any relationship, friendship, or alliance. The very last thing that Libra wants to do is 86 a person from their contacts list, and will stretch themselves thin to hold things together. This can often lead to Libra becoming a complete doormat or loser magnet, not just because Libra is greedy for friends but because they cannot fathom the idea of disappointing someone or potentially maiming them emotionally. This is why hypersensitivity is one of Libra’s biggest turn-offs; they can’t stand the idea of someone constantly reminding them of any negative emotional impacts they could potentially inflict. Instead, Libra would rather take the insurance policy of dating someone with a warm, non-serious, and reasonable demeanor to anyone with an overly emotional, irrational, or jealous streak. They simply don’t want to be bothered with being held accountable. Kinda cold, huh? Libra has a way of remaining friendly while becoming completely unemotional and logical.

Libras know that they’re unique, and with that uniqueness comes a strong need for freedom. Sure, Libra loves to party, but they’re not wild animals. Still, attempting to restrict Libra from living their lives as they wish is a huge no-no and will have them running to the nearest club to dance it all away—away from you. This distaste for authority and restrictions gives Libra a rebellious side, especially when it comes to sticking to routines. Libra needs to constantly shake up their habits or else they’ll become bored in life and buck against the tide. Libras, masters of balance, can really shake things up and go completely haywire if they aren’t in control of changing their surroundings and routines from time to time.

The number-one turn off for airy Libra is, of course, conflict. Libras will stop at nothing to avoid a confrontation or argument—and they’re definitely not above ghosting. Libra might actually be the sign most likely to just drop off with a classic ghost move if threatened with conflict. Yes, intellectual Libra likes to converse vigorously in a friendly manner from time to time, but once the line is crossed from fairplay into infighting, they’re gone. Remain open to all other forms of communication and problem solving interpersonally to keep a Libra around. Once a relationship devolves into quarrelsome and angry, Libra will either leave immediately or shut down completely, imprisoning themselves with inaction and complacency.