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9 Gift Ideas For the Cancer In Your Life

Cancer season calls for the most tender gift ideas.

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Cancer season has arrived once again, and it’s time to celebrate your sensitive water sign friends. Find the perfect gift for the Cancer in your life, ahead.

Above all else, Cancers live to nurture their loved ones — sometimes to the point of exhaustion for both parties. A gua sha and healing balm set will ensure that your water sign is rejuvenated for a long day of doting.

Heart Lock Journal
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Every Cancer needs a diary to make sense of their constantly fluctuating emotions...and life-ruining secrets. One with a lock and key is the only way to go!


In the zodiac, Cancer is represented by the crab, constantly scuttling in the tides of the ocean. Make the inevitable beach trips all the more breezy with a waterproof, portable speaker that matches the ocean hues.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, so repping their luminary is practically second nature.

For better or worse, Cancers are total suckers when it comes to nostalgia. And what’s more nostalgic than making s’mores over a bonfire? Your Cancer will love the sentiment and the reduced mess of a marshmallow already stuffed with milk chocolate.

Cloud Eau de Parfum
Ariana Grande

This scent from iconic Cancer Ariana Grande has been editor-approved multiple times over and features lavender blossom, juicy pear, bergamot top notes on a sensual musky base. Only the best in dreaminess for your water sign.

A sensible, platform shoe that works in water and land? Did a Cancer design this?

With fresh-water pearls, baby blue beads, iridescent crystals, and pastel pink hearts, it’s impossible to find a more celestial and gentle accessory for your lunar pal.

Would any Cancer season gift list be complete without Sailor Moon? The anime superhero (and her past life, Princess Serenity) are have the quintessential Cancer qualities: obsessions with friendships, feelings, and of course, romance.

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