49 Cool Things Under $30 That You'll Get A Sh*t Ton Of Use Out Of

You’ll be using these cheap products on repeat.

by Rebecca Martinson
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Wasting money is easy, but you know what’s way harder? Saving it. And since my bank account has been looking a little worse for wear lately, I’ve made a deal with myself: I can still buy whatever I want, but only if it’s a cool, affordable Amazon product that will become an indispensable part of my regular routine. Whether you’re looking to save money or spend it, you can’t go wrong with products that you’ll get a sh*t ton of use out of. So what are you waiting for? Everything featured here is priced at $30 or less — keep scrolling to see some favorites.


The Dry Erase Planner That Sticks To Your Fridge

Having trouble keeping track of your busy schedule? Put this dry erase planner on your fridge, and you’ll always have somewhere convenient to jot down important plans, dates, or even scribble a quick grocery list. Each order includes six fine-tip dry erase markers, as well as an eraser.


These Grippers That Let You Pick Up Hot Bowls

Don’t risk burning yourself on a hot bowl — use one of these grippers to pick it up instead. They’re made from heat-resistant silicone, and you can even use them as trivets in a pinch. Plus, one size is made to fit most bowls.

Say goodbye to painful brushing. Not only does this detangling brush look cute, but it also has a glide-through design that can detangle all hair types, including thick and curly hair textures. It has five flexible layers that mold to your scalp and give your head a little massage as it passes through tangles without pulling.


A Soft Flannel Heated Blanket With 6 Heating Modes

With six heating modes and an ultra-long power cord, this electric heating blanket will quickly warm you up in colder weather. In colder months, preheat it for 15 minutes before cuddling up on your bed or couch, and it will schedule it to shut down anywhere from one to 10 hours. The soft flannel fabric is also reversible and machine washable.


A Monitor Panel Where You Can Stick Reminders & Notes

Stick this clear panel on the side of your monitor if you need somewhere to stick your notes and reminders. The ledge at the bottom is the perfect spot to store your phone while you work — and one reviewer even wrote that it was “a great addition to my desk.”


An Eyebrow Gel & Brow Filler With Over 3,800 5-Star Ratings

This tinted eyebrow gel with over 3,800 five-star ratings fills in your brows with a smudge-proof, waterproof formula. It’s available in four shades and has a film-forming polymer that provides a hair-like texture so your brows look like they grew overnight. Best of all, after you apply it with the tapered brush, it lasts all day.


These Sleeves That Help Moisturize Dry Heels

Put these sleeves on your heels before bed; their gel linings will gradually release therapeutic oils and vitamins while you sleep, helping to moisturize dry skin. Most reviewers saw results after just one week, and each pair is made from breathable fabric that won’t leave you sweating.


A Seriously Clever Lotion That Deodorizes & Prevents Chafing

Slather some of this coconut-and-vanilla-scented lotion anywhere you want to feel fresh, and it converts to a powder-like feel that absorbs uncomfortable moisture and prevents uncomfortable chafing. Its talc- and aluminum-free formula contains ingredients like witch hazel and aloe and is designed to prevent rashes caused by sweat and chafing. One reviewer raved, “It smells good, and there is no breakthrough sweat or smell.”


This Knee Pillow Filled With Soft Memory Foam

Unlike some knee pillows, this one is filled with soft memory foam that contours to the shape of your legs. Sleeping with it between your knees can help keep your spine properly aligned, which can in turn help alleviate sciatica pain — and one reviewer even wrote about how it “works so much better than a pillow.”


An Anti-Callus Foot Cream Packed With Moisturizing Ingredients

Give dry feet a treat and revitalize them with this foot butter and heel balm with nourishing ingredients like avocado oil and mango seed butter. It adds a ton of moisture to your feet, and it’s even formulated to prevent painfully flakey skin or even frustrating calluses.


The Hair Clips That Won’t Leave Creases

Unlike some styling clips, these ones are made without teeth so that they won’t leave creases in your hair. They’re made with high-quality stainless steel — and one reviewer even raved that they are “perfect to hold your hair back while you're doing your beauty routines.”


A Handbag Holder That Helps Keep Your Bag Clean

With its conveniently adjustable straps, this handbag holder will fit in just about any car — and it’s even large enough to accommodate all sorts of bags. Installation is as easy as looping the adjustable straps onto your headrests, and you can also use it to hold snacks during long drives.


A Seriously Clever Lighter Insert That’s Rechargeable

Tired of always having to buy new lighters or refill the fuel? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this electronic one. Simply remove the fuel cartridge from the flip-top lighter and install the arc lighter. Then, take it out any time it needs a recharge. And since it creates a plasma arc instead of flame, you can even use it in the rain without having to worry about it going out.


A Non-Stick Skillet Made Without Any PFOA

Some non-stick pans are made with PFOA, which can flake off into your food as the pan ages — but not this one. Instead, it uses a ceramic coating to help keep it from latching onto your food, while a copper base layer provides thorough and even heating. Choose from three sizes: 8-, 9.5- or 11-inches.


This Dry Shampoo Powder With A Cleverly Easy Application

Not only is this dry shampoo powder designed to mattify greasy roots, but it also adds volume to hair that’s gone a bit flat. Use the powder puff to pat some onto your hair, then let it sit for a few minutes until you massage it in. Its silicone- and sulfate-free formula comes in an easy-to-travel-with little container.


A Veggie Slicer That Does The Work For You

Slide your vegetables back and forth on this mandoline slicer the next time you need to get dinner on the table quickly. Not only does it do all the slicing for you, but each order comes with four blades so you can also grate, spiralize, and ribbon your greens. Plus, the blades are even made from sharp stainless steel.


These Magnetic Mounts For Your Car That Work With Any Phone

Looking for a hands-free way to use your phone while driving? These mounts are designed to work with any brand of smartphone, and they easily slip onto your air vents so that your phone is always at eye level. Many reviewers also wrote about how they’re “easy to install.”


A Magnet That Lets You Know If The Dishes Are Dirty

Stick this magnet to the front of your dishwasher, and your roommates won’t have any excuse as to why they mixed their dirty dishes in with the clean ones. And if your dishwasher isn’t magnetic? Not a problem — each order includes a small magnetic patch with an adhesive backing, allowing you to use it with any dishwasher.


This Pair Of Eye Masks That Can Be Frozen Or Heated

This set of eye masks comes with two pieces so you can always have one frozen and the other at room temperature, ready to be microwaved for heat therapy. The mask is comfortable enough to sleep in, easy to clean, and features an adjustable Velcro strap.


These Highly Rated Capsules For Dry Or Damaged Hair

This jar contains 30 capsules designed to boost shine by 90% and to nourish dry or damaged hair. The formula is free of parabens and infused with keratin amino acids, vitamin B5, and silk protein to safeguard hair from damage from the sun. They’re earned a 4.5-star overall rating on Amazon.


These Tongue Scrapers Made From Stainless Steel

When mouthwash and toothpaste aren’t doing enough to freshen your breath, it might be time to give these tongue scrapers a try. They’re made from 100% medical-grade stainless steel that smoothly glides across your tongue, and the narrow scraper heads are made to accommodate smaller mouths.


The Acne Patches That Absorb Blemishes

Stick one of these acne patches over an unwanted blemish that’s popped up, and the hydrocolloid dressing will help absorb impurities to flatten it out. They also help protect the blemish against further irritation, and one reviewer even raved that they “help me keep my fingers off a bump, and let it heal. I noticed the difference in one day. These are genius.”


These Reusable Nipple Covers With A Brilliant Line-Free Design

These stick-on nipple covers are completely reusable and even come with a chic little case to tuck them away between wears. They also have a matte finish, and they’re super thin around the edges, so you can wear them under everything without worrying about them showing through.

  • Available sizes: Small — Large
  • Available colors: 5


These Fridge Liners That Help Keep Veggies Fresh

By absorbing the excess moisture in your refrigerator, these liners can help extend the life of your fruits and vegetables. Each one is made from mold-resistant material that’s BPA-free — and you can also trim them to fit smaller spaces.


The Suction Cups That Are Shockingly Strong

Not only are these suction cups so strong that they can hold up to 7 pounds, but they’ll also stick to all sorts of smooth surfaces — from slick tile to smooth gym lockers. The transparent design blends in with any style, and they come in three sizes: small, medium, or large.


A Finishing Stick That Helps Tame Unwanted Flyaways

Give those flyaways a few swipes with this finishing stick, and the plant-based formula will help smooth them down for a sleek look. It goes on completely transparent — making it suitable for all hair colors — and it even provides light hydration to parched strands.


This Clever Cooking Oil Sprayer With Thousands Of Positive Ratings

More than 10,600 reviewers awarded this oil sprayer five stars — and its sleek, stainless steel design is only part of the reason. It creates a continuous spray, so you can easily mist oil over baking trays, veggies, sheet tray dinners, and more. Plus, it works with whatever your go-to oil is.


A Pack Of Food Storage Bags Made From Reusable Silicone

Looking for a reusable alternative to wasteful plastic baggies? Search no further than these food bags that are made of food-grade PEVA. They’re leakproof, waterproof, and can even lock out freezer burn in order to help keep your ingredients fresh. Each order comes with 10 in sizes ranging from snack- to gallon-sized bags.


The Laundry Bags That Help Preserve Delicate Garments

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ruined my bra clasps in the wash, which is exactly why I started washing my laundry using mesh bags like these. Not only do they keep my delicates from getting tangled, but they also work great for separating dirty clothes from clean ones in my suitcase.

You can use this lightweight oil in your everyday hair routine or as a deep treatment for nourishing your split ends and dry scalp. It’s packed with a rich blend of essential oils and nutrients, plus it’s infused with biotin to encourage hair growth. The oil smells like rosemary and mint, which some reviewers found strong at first, but report that it fades away quickly. Best of all, it’s safe for all hair types.


This Spray That Helps Protect Strands Against Heat

The heat from curling irons and straighteners can leave your hair feeling damaged and brittle, which is why it’s always a good idea to spritz your strands with some heat protectant — like this bottle from BOLD UNIQ. It’s suitable for all types of hair, can handle temperatures up to 445 degrees Fahrenheit, and even helps smooth frizz so that your hair is left looking soft and shiny.


These Reversible Sling Bags That Lets You Carry Your Small Pet Around Hands Free

Whether your pint-size pet likes to venture out into the world with you or just likes to be by your side at home, this carrier sling will let you take them along while keeping your hands free. It’s made of soft and breathable cotton so both you and your pet stay comfy. The reversible sling comes in a set of two, and they’re machine washable (so you can always have a clean one at the ready).


The Canister That Helps Keep Coffee Grounds Fresh

It’s up to you whether you fill this canister with coffee beans or grounds — but either way, the airtight seal will help keep everything inside fresh. It’s made from tough stainless steel that’s unlikely to rust over time. Plus, the date tracker on the side will help you remember precisely how fresh your coffee is.


A Glass Foot File That’s Gentle On Skin

Exfoliating your feet can be painful, especially if you’re using a rough foot file — so make the switch to this gentler one made from glass. Hundreds of reviewers wrote about how it “works great” despite being less abrasive than a harsh file. Plus, you can wash and reuse it as many times as you like.


This Organizer That Can Hold Over 150 Batteries

Tired of digging through that drawer of loose batteries whenever the remote dies? Save yourself some stress with this organizer. There’s space for more than 150 batteries, from small AAAs to larger Ds — and each order even includes a tester to make sure that none of the older ones have lost power.


A Shelf That Adds Storage Space Above Your Outlets

Need someplace to keep your phone while it charges? This outlet shelf is not only perfect for small electronics, but it’s so sturdy that it can support up to 10 pounds. Installation is as simple as switching out your outlet cover — and the built-in cable management system helps conceal wires to keep it looking tidy.


The Undated Planner That Helps You Meet Weekly Goals

Give your productivity a major boost with this goal-setting planner. The undated weekly planner features sections to track your main goal for the week, plus your habits and to-dos for work and life. The faux leather cover comes in over 10 pretty colors, and fun motivational stickers are included to keep you going.


A Set Of Reusable Silicone Straws That Fit Into Tumblers

Some reusable straws are too short to fit into tumblers, whereas these ones are extra-long — and the angled tips make it easier for you to sip. Each one is made from food-grade silicone that’s completely BPA-free. Plus, the included pipette brush makes it easy to scrub their insides clean.


This Comfy Running Pouch That Holds Your Essentials

Thanks to this magnetic pouch, you can tote your essentials hands-free while jogging and running errands. With room for your ID, cash, and keys, the pouch fits over your waistband and stays in place without potentially irritating straps. Available in black and blue, the pouch also has a water-resistant inner lining to protect your stuff from sweat and rain.


A Refrigerator Drawer That Holds Up To 18 Eggs

Looking for ways to maximize the space in your fridge? Toss that cardboard carton into the trash and transfer all your eggs into this drawer. Installation is as easy as snapping it onto one of the shelves — and you can even adjust its depth so that it fits your fridge perfectly.


This Trio Of 42-Hour Candles Made With Essential Oils

This set of candles comes in a three-pack, allowing you to place them in several rooms. The soy wax candles have an impressive burn time of 42 hours and a sage scent that is designed to boost mental clarity and help with meditation.


The Microfiber Towel Wraps That Help Hair Dry Quickly

Help hair dry faster with less frizz using these microfiber wraps. The highly absorbent, lightweight material soaks up water quickly while remaining gentle on hair. An elastic band at the back lets you secure the towel in place, so it goes to work while you continue getting ready.


These Paper Towels You Can Wash & Reuse

Whereas most paper towels are made from, well, paper, these ones are made from tough bamboo that you can wash and reuse over and over. But the best part? They’re incredibly eco-friendly, as one roll can replace six months’ worth of paper towels.


A Felt Organizer That Slips Into Your Purse

You don’t have to let your purse turn into a black hole; use this felt insert to get your bag looking organized and tidy. The study walls add shape to large bags, and it’s available in a variety of sizes to fit nearly any tote. Choose from more than 10 colors: beige, coffee, red, and more.

Simple to use and so effective, these sneaker cleaners come pre-moistened and have two differently textured sides so you can tackle the job with ease. Best suited for shoes made of rubber or canvas, these little scrubbers will get those soles sparkling white again (while being gentle on your kicks).


These Tongs That Can Handle High Temperatures

There’s no need to worry about these tongs melting over the grill, as their silicone heads are heat-resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. They’re also non-stick, BPA-free, and safe to use on non-stick cookware, as their silicone heads won’t etch away at the coating.


This Tumbler That Can Fit Into Cupholders

With its narrow base and sleek design, this skinny tumbler is small enough to fit into most cupholders, yet large enough that it can hold up to 18 ounces of liquid. The flip-top lid is leakproof — just in case you accidentally knock it over — and the insulated walls can keep cold drinks chilled for up to 12 hours.

Turn any boring bath into a spa-like experience with this shampoo brush. It includes two massage heads (one long and one short) that you can use on wet or dry hair and a handle that’s sturdy and easy to hold. Plus, the silicone scrubber heads are gentle but firm.


This Ingenious Tool That Helps You Fasten Bracelets

Putting on jewelry shouldn’t be so complicated — enter this bracelet-fastening tool that puts an end to the struggle. Just use the padded clamp to hold the bracelet taut on your wrist while you use your other hand to secure the clasp. With this, you might actually get out of the house on time. (Maybe.)

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