Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct.


12 Sexy, Must-Watch Erotic Thrillers

For a sexy and kind of scary good time.

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Erotic thrillers are for all of us who you can’t pay to ever watch Saw again. Unlike straight up horror films, a psychological thrill of erotic thrillers come from pushing the boundaries of love, desire, sex, and danger. In erotic thrillers, psychological mind games and dark obsessions are the monster — but they’re also a little corny! Click through for 10 of our favorite erotic thrillers to get you ready for spooky season.

Cruising (1980)

Okay it might be a little pro-cop, but Al Pacino goes undercover in the gay S&M scene in pre-AIDS New York City to find out whose been murdering young men. Need we say more? (Amazon Prime)