Riga, Latvia. Captured by @egonslacis with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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Explore Nighttime In Some Of Europe’s Most Photogenic Cities

Discover the best spots for artisan late-night eats, lively clubs, and picture-perfect views.

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From London to Latvia, Europe is brimming with immersive sights. Each year, Europe sees a whopping 700 million tourists. Most of them spend their days absorbing the brilliant architecture, rich history, and strong cultural influences that are in every corner of this region.

Still, there are more exciting things to discover in this part of the world that go untapped.

Don’t get us wrong — we love Europe in the AM. However, it’s just a fact that the most exciting portion of any European excursion happens at night. That’s because after sunset, this part of the world comes alive.

Read our night guide to this culturally abundant region and discover the best spots (obscure and popular!) for artisan late-night eats, lively clubs, and picture-perfect views.

Live It Up In London’s West End

London, UK. Captured by @mohammed_aqib1 with the Samsung Galaxy S20+.

After your day trip to Buckingham Palace, head to London’s West End. Along its five-mile stretch, you’ll have your pick of hundreds of pubs, bars, and restaurants to get your fill. Round out your journey at any one of the city center’s shopping hotspots, glitzy cinemas, or theatre shows for a truly authentic experience.

Raise A Glass In Paris, Poland, and Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany. Captured by @infinity_snapshot with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra.

You go to Paris for wine. Frankfurt for beer. And, Białystok, Poland for vodka? Many people don’t know that Poland has really good Żubrówka or bison grass vodka — so good that you’ll have to make a trip to Europe for its traditional recipe.

While you’re in Europe, hop on the chance to indulge in floral white wines, nutty brown ales, or rare vodkas on one of the many post-dinner drinking tours offered in each city. These tours are a simple way to sample a wide range of local spirits and see new sights without breaking the bank.

Find A Fado House In Lisbon

Lisbon, Portugal. Captured by @charlotte_michaels with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

If you’re looking to enjoy a night in a laid-back atmosphere, hear great music, and devour even better food, consider going to any of the 50 Fado houses in Lisbon. Fados, or fate in Portuguese, are small restaurants that serve traditional food and offer live music. Visiting these restaurants quite literally feels like a scene from a movie, so don’t miss your chance for a quick photo op.

We also recommend you eat a light meal a few hours after lunch because most locals don't head out until about 10 p.m.

Ride Along Latvia’s Railway Bridge

Riga, Latvia. Captured by @egonslacis with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Latvia’s Railway Bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in the country. Not only does the 182-meter structure look even more impressive at night, but it is also the first iron railway bridge in the country’s capital of Riga. For the perfect shot, we recommend grabbing your camera and heading to the tower of St. Peter’s church for a clear view of the Railway Bridge's lights illuminating the Daugava river.

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