The 13 Best Books Coming Out In February

This month, we’re super into destructive friendships, an indie sleaze era-novel, and fresh takes on reality TV.

In the wise words of a recent TikTok I watched, we were put on this earth to look pretty and read books. Can’t argue with that! Read on for more of the books we’re most excited about in February.

Vladimir by Julia May Jonas - Avid Reader Press, February 1

In this darkly funny debut novel about impossibly charismatic academia elites, a popular English professor’s husband is under investigation at a liberal arts college for having inappropriate relationships with former students. (A tale as old as time!) Meanwhile, she becomes increasingly more infatuated with Vladimir, a hot, married young novelist who’s just arrived on campus. We’re hoping for chunky sweaters, Moleskins and pretentious reading lists!

Avid Reader Press