This Online Bookseller Will Match Your Astrological Sign to Books

Your reading list, brought to you by your astrological “Big Three.”

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Is there a more Taurus sun book than Call Me By Your Name, with its wistful romance, gutter of emotions and scenes lazy bike rides in the Italian summer countryside? With help from Folio, a new online bookseller, you can now curate your reading list based on your birth chart.

Folio teamed up with Chicago-based astrologer Daniela Karpenos of The Cosmic Latte to create Big Three book pairings, books recommendations with astrology’s “Big Three” — the rising, sun, and moon signs — in mind.

The astrology matches are fitting for the site, which is unique in that it builds a curated list for customers based on a few questions. You can browse books by themes like “Women vs. The Void,” or by moods like “Can’t Put It Down” or “Beach Read.” You can also browse curated collections like “Chaotic” or my personal favorite: “Female Manipulator Books.” If Goodreads, which has a famously bad user experience and design, is the recommendation tool for Facebook moms, Folio is the book recommendation tool for cool Millennials and Gen Z on Instagram and TikTok — people who aren’t afraid to judge a book by its cover.

I found my “Big Three” to be strangely accurate. For a Taurus sun, Karpenos selected Call My By Your Name by André Aciman. “Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of value, love, romance, beauty, and luxury. This Venusian energy is channeled in Taurean’s appreciation for sensuality and splendor,” she writes.

For an Aries moon, she selected My Body by Emily Ratajkowski. The explanation reads: “It felt so ‘Leo Moon’ or ‘Aries Moon’ to me because the pressure for beauty was directly tied to Emily’s mother. And yet, there is something so eternally youthful about her mother that it made sense to lean towards the youngest sign of the zodiac: Aries. The choice was easy when I researched Em's chart and confirmed she was an Aries Moon.”

And to top it all off, Sagittarius rising is The Woman Destroyed by Simone de Beauvoir. “The analytical, zoomed-in inner monologues will absorb the Sag Rising, as you observe and reflect on the female condition,” Karpenos writes.

“There were definitely choices that were a total no-brainer, like Midnight Library for Gemini suns. After going through all of the ‘obvious’ choices, I found it difficult to work backwards and figure out ‘what an Aries Moon would read,’ Karpenos tells NYLON. “While it was easier to start with a book and match it to a zodiac sign, the most impactful choices I made were the ones that worked backwards. My Aries Moon book choice is one of my strongest—there's a lot of thought that went behind it.”

This was Karpenos’ first time matching star signs to books, but she’s not new to the astro meme game. Last month, she went viral on Instagram for a Spotify wrapped meme she made for each zodiac sign — reaching over 1.5M accounts.

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