Tips on manifesting better sex
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How To Manifest Better Sex

The practice is all about confidence. What’s sexier than that?

by Isadora Baum, CHC
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Maybe you’re bored in the bedroom with your long-term partner; maybe you’ve gone on a few too many dull dating app dates; maybe even self-pleasure isn’t getting you excited right now. If your sex life is feeling lackluster, manifestation can help.

If you think about it, manifesting really is an ideal way to improve your sex life. "Manifesting is working with energy and vibration to change your life — ideally, to transform it quite radically for the better,” says Sabrina Scott, a manifesting expert and author of the graphic novel Witchbody. It’s about knowing what you want and being confident you’ll get it, in other words — and what’s sexier than that?

Manifesting challenges you to feel how powerful amazing sex can be (before you’re having it, even), and creates good vibrations around finding partners you want to attract and the quality and frequency of sex you desire. “The idea behind ‘why’ it works is around the idea of how energy works, where if we vibrate at a particular frequency, we’ll likely attract people, situations, and circumstances that are on the same wavelength that we are on,” says Scott.

Read on for advice from manifestation experts on how to get a better sex life.

Visualize bigger orgasms.

Close your eyes and visualize by shutting out the external world as you manifest. If you want better sex, visualize yourself climaxing and use your senses to bring those imaginations to life — hear your heavy breathing, massage your breasts, and touch yourself as arousal builds.

Bringing those imaginations to life in your mind will make it easier to incorporate into real life, since mind and body are connected. “Keep dreaming until you start to get uncomfortable, as that’s a sign that you’ve hit an edge or a little bit of resistance,” says Scott. Don’t resist pleasure due to self-consciousness or fear; use it to challenge yourself instead.

Take note of any blockages and analyze deeper by logging them into a manifestation journal. For example, a blockage might arise when you’re visualizing yourself as the “dominant” one in bed or when you’re just about to reach orgasm — you end up becoming too self-aware and in-your-head about it and thus awkward and uncomfortable.

Film yourself the next time you’re having sex or masturbating, and use it as a reminder of how sexy and deserving of pleasure you are — this will help you reset and get back into the mindset of receiving pleasure. Regular self-reflection and self-love journaling will also help you be more naturally comfortable and open to receiving pleasure.

Keep a manifestation notebook.

Scott recommends jotting down your thoughts and feelings about sex in a manifestation notebook. You should definitely do this after a sexual encounter, but it’s just as important to get those thoughts down whenever they cross your mind.

Keeping a manifestation notebook holds you accountable and tracks progress, where you can refer back to old entries and gather insight for self-discovery and reflection. Journal entries provide written and visual confirmation of patterns and roadblocks, as well as improvement and accomplishments, so you can celebrate growth and maintain progress.

Manifest with color, magic and crystals.

Domina Doll, a manifesting expert, recommends using all-pink manifesting tools if it’s better sex you’re after. Pink symbolizes love (including self-love), and the color promotes peace and understanding, as well as encourages an open heart. Doll recommends sex toys made of rose quartz, a gem that fosters attraction, connection, and loving relationships. Experiment with yoni eggs and swap your vibrator for a crystal G-spot stimulating toy to add some manifesting power and luck, like Le Wand Crystal G Wand.

Use essential oils to stimulate sex and love.

Increase potency with an essential oil blend containing ginger, patchouli, orange, and sandalwood, or stick with one pure oil instead. “Ginger is considered an aphrodisiac, so use it in love spells to do with passionate love,” says Doll. Patchouli symbolizes love as a soulmate, and sandalwood and orange both fire sexual stimulation.

“I like using these oils mixed together to create a ritual bath before doing magic rituals and manifesting works,” says Doll. “Add a couple of drops to bath water to cleanse and purify your energy, raise your vibration, ground and open your manifesting chakra (sacral),” Doll explains.

Use the oils to charge crystals and tools, especially during a full moon — an opportune moment to manifest your desires.

Use a manifesting spell bottle.

Create your own manifesting spell bottle with essential oils, crystals, herbs, sacred water, grapeseed oil, and more, along with a manifesting charm and wax to seal. “Use cinnamon to stimulate love and sex, peridot for opening the heart chakra, cedarwood for body love and confidence, and myrrh for feminine magic and to purify your space and consecrate tools,” says Doll.

Awaken spiritual entities and cast a love spell around an intention, which you’ll write on paper and put inside the spell jar. Use present tense only — examples might be “I have a lover” or “I am satisfied in bed.”

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