Ways to manifest your dream home
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How To Manifest Your Dream Home

It’s a great way to land your ideal living space.

by Isadora Baum, CHC

Manifesting is a powerful tool to help attract the things, people, and life’s blessings you desire — your dream home included. At its core, manifesting is about swapping negative energy for positivity and good fortune, which makes the practice particularly well-suited for helping you land the living space you want.

Your home should be your safe space — a peaceful, personalized oasis that creates separation from the external stresses just outside your front door. It’s deeply intertwined with your levels of happiness and self-love, which means that it feels cluttered, empty, or outdated, you’re probably going to feel a little bit “off.”

Manifesting your dream home can shake these feelings off and refresh your space and mentality, so get started with these expert tips.

Speak in the present tense.

No matter what you’re manifesting, be sure to use present tense when writing or speaking your desires aloud, even if the outcomes you’re trying to manifest haven’t already happened.

“Don’t say manifestations in the future tense, as this will always keep it in the future, and we don’t want that,” says Sabrina Scott, a manifesting expert and author of the award-winning graphic novel Witchbody. So for example, say “I am very comfortable at home” or “I love how my dream home feels.”

Be consistent with manifesting and repetitions, which instills a more powerful sense of belief and faith. So, you might want to set aside 10 minutes nightly for manifesting with these affirmations, for example, at a specific time (7 p.m.?) that’s scheduled on your calendar.

Release negativity by diffusing essential oils.

Identify any limitations that might hold you back and release any resistance by manifesting, which could include meditating or journaling to overcome your fears. “For example, you may desperately want your dream home but think the one you want doesn’t exist in the right location,” says Cindy Luffred, a spiritual medium and the founder of Revealing Soul. Release negative thinking to create positive vibrational energies.

When manifesting, integrate a few drops of vetiver (an essential oil that’s associated with abundance) into your practice by applying on your skin and pulse points as well as diffusing it, so your home smells abundant and magical. If your home smells just how you imagine and desire, you’ll likely be better able to harness manifesting power.

“Vetiver is used for grounding, calming, balancing, purifying, dream magic and lucid dreaming and it aids in bringing our unconscious thoughts into reality and in receiving messages from your dreams and the divine,” says Domina Doll, a manifesting expert. She adds that it may also protect your aura from negative influences, so it may be particularly helpful when you’re looking to release negativity.

Keep a manifesting journal.

Keep a list of your goals for your dream home. This includes what it looks like and where it’s located, yes, but you should be spending just as much time imagining what you want the place to feel like, said Luffred.

Is it welcoming? Calm and peaceful? Loud and crowded and fun? Get all of that down on paper in list form — or even take a stab at drawing it. What does the layout look like? Who’s inside? What’s the color scheme for each room? Use visualization as a manifesting technique when designing your perfect home and paste cut-outs, photos, stickers, and rhinestones on the pages.

Think of your furniture, like your bed — visualize your desired sheet thread count and color, the number of pillows present, and who you want there with you. Imagine your dream space each night, and get it all down in a journal.

Recite affirmations.

Speaking aloud and reciting powerful words create more positive vibrations and energy. Emily Newman, a psychic reader, spiritual healer, counselor, and astrologer explains, “Affirmations can help make positive thoughts more powerful when said out loud.”

Examples of affirmations include:

  • I am living in my dream house.
  • I am grateful to live in my dream house.
  • I am living in a cozy home where everything is “X,” which is whatever you’re imagining.
  • My new home is lovely and magical.
  • I feel at ease and comfortable in my new home.

Use conviction and be bold. The exact words you use don’t matter as much as the energy you’re giving them.