How To Seduce A Sagittarius

Let the Archer’s arrow land in your heart

by christie craft

Ah, Sagittarius, the magnetic wanderer, the ultimate compliment-giver always ready to throw down for a good time. To say that the intrepid Centaur-Archer is lucky in love just doesn’t cut it—these flirty fortunate children of expansive Jupiter are typically victorious in all of their pursuits, including those driven by the heart (or what’s in their pants). More often that not, though, these adventurous, brave heartthrobs are driven by their mind’s desire and look for someone who can challenge their worldview, ride with their spontaneity and flightiness, and always keep these lifelong hunters on their toes (hooves?) with a titillating sense of intrigue and adventure. Open-minded, fatally optimistic, and direct to a fault, playful Sag stays ahead of the love game with their happy-go-lucky nature and effervescent sense of humor—the perfect counter weapons to bring levity to sticky situations that might easily ensnare other signs. Sigh, it’s true: Sagittarians are the most likely of the 12 signs to love and leave you in a fiery flash. Still, you’ll be left with a face that hurts from laughing and smiling—not to mention a few (hundred) hilarious stories of your time together, however noncommittal. Read on for your complete guide to engaging and seducing Sagittarius, the zodiac’s most exciting lover.

Dating & Hooking-Up: The Sagittarius Approach

You might’ve heard that Sagittarius, the fiery ninth sign of the zodiac, is the least probable of the 12 to seek out settling down, earning those born under the archer a reputation as a maverick or renegade. The statistics speak to this stereotype at the risk of blanketing these magnificent beasts with negative impressions, making Sag a risky lover for many of the ultra-grounded, empathic signs. But for those with a lusty sense of adventure willing to take a few (thrilling) chances, Sagittarius is just the sign for you.

Sagittarius’ most noticeable trait (aside from their statuesque, powerful build and athleticism) is their confidence burning bright alongside their inextinguishable passion for living life. Being so fiery means that these signs are constantly on the go, preferring to keep it moving rather than staying in one place for too long or—goddess forbid—becoming sedentary, mentally or physically. Easily influenced, impatient, and fickle, Sagittarius is no walk in the park to date. Rather, their dating style is more like hurdling down white water rapids, with your Archer laughing maniacally and joking (probably inappropriately) the whole way down. What’s at the end of the rainbow, though, is lasting loyalty, deep philosophical conversations, and an unmatched sexual expressiveness and stamina. Simply: If you can handle Sagittarius’ challenge, then you deserve their rewards.

Sagittarius won’t blush at a challenge, either, especially when it comes to exploring connections with a diverse roster of people. Jupiter-ruled Sag is adventurous in every sense, seizing all opportunities to expand their understanding of the world through others. You might be surprised to see a Sag getting cozy with someone you’d consider to be their polar opposite; Centaurs are experience-driven and would rather be forced to hunt for similarities in a forest of differences in their lover(s) than date a carbon-copy of themselves. Nothing could be more boring to Sagittarius, in fact. And although Sag craves fiery debate and conversation, there’s just something so cute and sexy about someone who agrees with everything the Archer hurls from their passion pulpit.

The excitement of attraction and the thrill of pursuit runs through Sagittarius’ chill-yet-competitive veins. Social royalty to the max, Archer-born people tend to be some of the biggest players out there... yet Sagittarius hates the game. A logical translation? They enjoy the game when they’re on top, but if they’re not getting what they want in a reasonable timeframe, frustration, impatience, and indifference sets in. Sagittarians will love to chase you, but when you turn on the cold “hard to get” switch, your Archer will be out—fast. Truthfully, the second they sense head games they begin eyeing the door—and probably have a new boo lined up to take the temporary sting of disappointment away.     

The only kind of mental games Sagittarius is down with are contact sports and those of mental agility, like chess—one of Sag’s favorite romantic pastimes. The Centaur’s dating philosophy is an active one: What better way to get to know a potential lover than by getting outdoors, hiking, playing competitive sports, checking out new restaurants, or shopping? The list could go on. Sagittarians are the ultimate doers always on the hunt for someone who can match their fun-loving intensity. Adventure is a lifestyle to these signs, whose M.O. is known to involve spontaneous, romantic trips. But even Sagittarii of the most modest means can find a way to escape with their sweetheart, turning every date into a super enriching mini-adventure. Whether it’s a trip to a local gallery or an off-the-cuff outing to one of the city’s hottest nightclubs for some all-night dancing, it’s all about feeling the freedom of the journey with Sag, not necessarily finding the endpoint. 

Being an extrovert, these signs thrive off of social situations, feeling most comfortable as the life of the party or the natural leaders of a group. Saying no to a Sagittarius is incredibly difficult, especially when they’re working their trademark magic on you—a bubbly cocktail of confidence, sexuality, and worldly charm. Naturally sunny, outgoing Sagittarius is dangerously seductive, possessing a nearly unparalleled talent for flirting, which has been known to get these signs into trouble every now and again. Don’t fence these Centaurs in—once they start to feel cramped, they’ll buck against the authority and ride off into the distance to the next adventure.

But try not to be offended if your fiery tryst ends in frays; Sagittarius rarely set out to wreck anyone’s heart or act maliciously in love. They’re just doing them, and it would help if you just did you, too. Sag is far from dishonest, born with an inherent sense of honor and fairness. You can rest assured that your Archer likely wouldn’t mislead you on purpose: Sagittarian-born folks lead obvious lives of integrity and high-minded principles, and will typically expect the same from you. Characteristic Sagittarians are not at all duplicitous or deceptive—what you see is what you get with these personalities. Optimistic Archers know that love is a gambler’s game, and they’re always ready to take an unlikely chance with the knowledge that they can simply dash off, footloose and fancy-free, should passion (read: commitment and responsibility) become too hot and heavy.

Driven By Desire: What Sagittarius Wants

Sagittarius takes the trophy for truly having “no type.” In fact, the Children of Jupiter aren’t characteristically picky when it comes to any of their tastes, much less who they’re attracted to. Super playful and funny, Sag can bag just about anyone they want, only using their fascinating personality and charm. The only hitch? The Archer’s ever-revolving door of desires makes them easy to get, but very, very hard to keep. Sagittarians often feel snared by boredom and confinement, driving them to seek excitement and stimulation outside of their immediate attention span. Living up to Sag’s expectations is a daunting task, but as long as you’re physically active, sociable, and generally curious about the world, you’re bound to catch their eye.

The easiest places to snag a Sagittarius are packed house parties, sporting events, and the gym or hiking trail (or any other outdoor adventure facility, really). Those born under the Centaur cannot sit still, constantly busy with a packed agenda—socially, or otherwise. Sagittarius is no babysitter and can’t stand anyone who can’t keep their pace. They expect you to be just as busy (think: unavailable) and socially engaged as they are. 

Those born under this sign will try anything once, living their lives in a very frank, candid way. Candidness and openness is a cardinal trait that Sag looks for in a potential partner or companion. Being so brutally honest can sometimes scare off other signs, so Sag likes to know that you can give it as hard as they can—don’t be afraid to lay everything out on the table with these personalities. In fact, it’s a turn on. Similarly, those who stick to the sunny side of life are more likely to win Sag’s favor since they are the eternal optimists of the zodiac. Downers are a huge no-no in any Sagittarius’ world and won’t be tolerated. Warmth and a cheerful nature are Sagittarius’ love potion, so be challenging and sassy, but leave the Ice Queen act at the door if you’re trying to make a lasting impression. 

Most important to Sagittarius is a curious, intelligent mind. Sure, Sag is carnal, physical, and sexy in a purely animalistic way, but they’re still major sapiosexuals. You can be beautiful, but you can’t slap on a new personality—and Sagittarius will be the first to tell you this. A desire to learn is a top turn-on for these fire signs, as is being generally well-read and knowledgeable about many things. World-travelled folks and international types score bonus points for inquisitive Sagittarius, who practically lives their life for travel and exploration of other cultures and places. 


Each person’s individual astrological makeup can be found in their natal chart, which outlines the positions and aspects of the planets, houses, and signs in the heavens at the exact moment and location of your birth. Everyone on Earth possesses a personality that’s comprised of all 12 zodiac signs, which makes your sun sign (or “native” sign) less important when looking at the bigger picture. But statistics don’t lie when it comes to how astrology can strengthen interpersonal chemistry. Astrologers look to several factors in determining who you’re compatible—or mismatched—with, including your sun sign, rising sign, and where Venus places in the chart, among many other things. 

Sagittarius “natives,” or those born when the Sun was in Sagittarius (roughly between November 22 and December 22), as well as those with Sag as their “ascendant” or rising like it steamy hot, opting to stick with personalities that can withstand their own passionate inferno. Other fire signs like Aries, Leo, and other Archers stoke their flames (and mutually stroke their egos) by matching their enthusiasm and competitive, adventurous energy. Still, other signs associated with the element of air—especially Gemini, Sag’s love-hate polar opposite—Libra, and Aquarius drive Sagittarians wild with their intellectual capacity, social graces, and constant need for movement and change.

How to Lose a Sagittarius: Turn-Offs

Complex Sagittarius is easy to snag if you’ve got what it takes to stand the fire, but these fun, fickle signs are even easier to lose. Much like their super-compatible air sign opposite Gemini, you may not even be aware that you’re driving them away. For as free-spirited as the Archer is, they also possess trigger-hair moodiness that can be challenging to navigate. Sagittarius is a puzzle, but self-awareness goes a long way with keeping this sign coming back. 

Sagittarians rarely hide their feelings, and they’ll be the first to announce their need—no, obsession—with personal freedom. Their characteristic aversion to being tied down is only highlighted by their fear of monotony, routine, and boredom. Being natural leaders, they only expect to be in control at all times, insisting on calling the shots rather aggressively to protect their autonomy. That’s why it’s so important for these signs to partner with someone as active and busy as they are. Sagittarius craves someone who can constantly keep them fascinated by their vast knowledge and conversational skills. Smalltalk is like throwing a bucket of cold water on Sagittarius’ fire, so come armed with many interesting topics to discuss—and don’t mention the mundane, like the local weather. Physical laziness is also considered unsexy to most Sag-born folks, who prefer to remain active and in movement at all times. Once Sag becomes bored and restless, it’s very difficult to capture their attention and focus again. 

Although Sag is notorious for running off at the mouth tactlessly, the moody, selectively sensitive Sagittarian personality cannot stand rudeness—particularly when it comes to interrupting and becoming belligerent in conversation. Sagittarius will listen to you, no matter your views or opinions, but they won’t be disrespected outright. Similarly, Sagittarius will disengage if they sense you’ve taken offense of become sensitive about something they’ve said—probably by accident—no matter how silly or stupid. You can’t always take this sign’s braggadocio and bravado seriously; Sag needs to know that you’ll take their impassioned speech with a massive grain of salt, rather than starting world wars. A dash of sass can go a long way in keeping Sagittarius interested, but meanness or playing hard-to-get are surefire ways to lose their affections. Acting on jealousy or assuming the worst of your Sag’s flirtatiousness will no doubt hurt this sign’s feelings, suggesting that they are untrustworthy or ill-intentioned in their actions. Being overly controlling or territorial can make them feel imprisoned, especially if the honeymoon phase has eclipsed out into a routine relationship. 

Getting Down: Sex with Sagittarius

For such a fiery sign, Sagittarius walks a thin tightrope between love and sex in their private lives. The Sagittarian-born are infamous for their love of variety and change, inviting an ever-revolving cast of characters into the bedroom. Sexual adventurers and fun-loving libertines alike, Sagittarius is a generous, versatile, and exciting lover with an insatiable sex drive and fiery stamina. Sagittarians are so, so good at being swinging singles, but when they do commit to someone they really love, these Jupiter-ruled babes are tremendously loyal, dedicated, and faithful.

Don’t expect sex with Sag to be a super-serious affair; laughter and jokes are powerful tools these sexy, savvy signs use in foreplay, especially with new partners. Levity is everything in social situations, even private ones, and Sagittarius knows this. These fiery signs are known to enjoy experimenting with sex toys and tech gadgets in the boudoir, as well as physical play, wrestling, and competitive games. Foreplay is one of Sagittarius’ favorite ways to extend a pleasurable experience, and these signs are the most likely to spend a generous amount of time making sure their partner is satisfied. Sex itself tends to last hours with trademark Sagittarian stamina, which allows Sag to peacock in a vigorous display of physical athleticism. The true connection is often delayed until after coitus, when pillow talk takes a deeper, more philosophical turn.   

Sagittarius will need to be completely open and honest with their sexual partners, giving you direct straight talk about their fantasies, needs, and desires. Likewise, they appreciate it when their partners give them the same candid courtesy, too. Sagittarians are uncannily confident in their stroke and sexual prowess, which tends to give them a refreshingly relaxed vibe toward sex. (There’s no time for shyness or modesty when you’re this sexually athletic.)

But Sag is more often here for a good time, not a long time. Those born under this sign tend to be sexually impulsive, becoming restless hunters when bored or under-stimulated by their partner(s). Their brutal honesty and straightforwardness make Sagittarius the most forthcoming with their sexual arrangements. What you see is what you get, and a Sag won’t shirk telling you straight-up that they’re looking for something more N.S.A. There’s an honorable morality to their honesty, though—Sag prides themselves on their integrity and won’t likely string you along selfishly. Their approach to love and sex is typically completely truthful, and above all, principled.

Friends & Enemies

So what if Sagittarius is the one sign who’ll shamelessly sweep you off your feet, only to drop you abruptly at the whiff of a new adventure? You’re guaranteed a good time if you can keep it loose and fun, and you’re bound to come away from the fiery, fun wreckage of a daredevil love-stunt with a new pal. Sagittarius has a knack for making friends with anyone and everyone who crosses their path, even converting longtime enemies into confidantes. The opposite of that is unfortunately also true, as Sagittarians are highly changeable. However, enemies are extremely rare for Sag to hang on to, preferring to squash beef as soon as it’s discovered. Sometimes, this ritual can be aggressive and even turn violent, so it’s critical for Sag to remain calm and focused in the face of adversity and disrespect.

Even more rare are Sagittarians who don’t keep past lovers and partners as dear friends. High-spirited, happy-go-lucky, and gregarious, fiery Sagittarius seems to always be surrounded by an ever-evolving crew of faces. Extroverted and wickedly funny, Sag thrives in lively social settings, often flirting and laughing boisterously, obviously having a raucously good time. Sagittarius tends to collect a diverse bunch of friends, even spanning borders with a “global clique.” As a trustworthy pal, Sagittarius is extremely warm and generous, never one to lecture or judge; these are sterling friends who will give it to you straight from their heart without pulling any punches. When it comes to close friends and family, Sagittarius the honorable Centaur-Archer is willing to do almost anything.

Relationships & Commitment

Only the luckiest among us can really lock down thrill-a-minute Sagittarius, but once this sexy, free-spirited beast’s heart is melted, it’s clear that it’s essential for sign’s romantic relationships to be founded in common values, not just a physical spark. Possibly most crucially, any lasting connections must be based on each partner’s individual adoration of freedom and personal will. Sagittarians can’t be happy when confined, even in golden cages—and these cheery, vibrant signs simply won’t live unhappily. 

Committed Sagittarii won’t turn down an opportunity to have fun with their partner, often enjoying an active, sociable life together well into their twilight years. Life for these signs will always be an open book, but Sag appreciates a private family life and relishes sharing secrets with their partners. Loyalty will never be a question for a truly committed Sagittarius, though they will never burden you with clinginess or excessive codependency, even in times of poor health and stress. Sagittarius will still demand to do their own thing with their social clique apart from your life together, but at the end of the day, you can trust that the faithful Archer will come home to you honestly.

Sagittarius-born folks tend to go wherever the wind takes them in life, so forging a commitment with someone who craves change and adventure as much as they do makes for a lasting partnership. Moving internationally doesn’t scare a Sag one bit, which is probably why so many of these signs become involved in long-distance relationships. Picking up and moving to be with you could be downright romantic to a classic Sagittarius. Sag figures: If they’re not scared, why should you be?

You can always count on your Sagittarius partner to tell you exactly what’s on their mind. This sign is infamous for its lack of chill when it comes to holding back their thoughts and opinions, and consider the freedom to express themselves to their partner without judgment vital. Communication needs to be constantly flowing in any relationship with fiery Sagittarius, otherwise big problems could arise from seemingly small scuffles. Sagittarius has no time for negativity or unnecessary conflicts, so they’ll work hard to find the bright side in a difficult situation or disagreement—an ideal quality for fostering partnership.   

Sagittarius natives play as hard as they work but prefer to have little distinction between their professional and personal lives. Fire signs like Sag are easily derailed by boredom, so they’re most successful in careers that speak to their passions and free-spiritedness. Any career that will allow this sign to travel and learn in a dynamic atmosphere—particularly if there’s a philosophical, sales, or fitness bent—will also be lucrative. Sagittarius is known to be a powerful earner, thanks to lucky, profitable Jupiter on their side. And though the ninth sign of the zodiac is considered to be one of the happiest and richest, Sagittarius doesn’t particularly care how they earn their money—as long as they’re spending it how they please. Generous to the max, Sagittarii are known ballers when it comes to splurging on pleasure purchases. For Sag, spending is just as fun as earning, maybe only due to their unwavering optimism in the Universe providing all the abundance they’ll need.

Centaurs approach their domestic life with the same gusto and dedication as anything else their world. Some Sagittarii are markedly more domestic than others, but regardless, when Sag finds themselves in a position to build a family, these warm, doting signs give their brood the world. These signs will stop at nothing to do right by their kids and family members, believing that anything less than perfection is a failure. Even on the extremely rare chance that things don’t go Sagittarius’ way, they’ll never let their partner, kids, or loved ones know, confidently reassuring everyone of the sunny days ahead while optimistically bailing water out of the last liferaft.

Taking risks for the greater good of Sagittarius’ family or children is a daily occurrence for these personalities, never slowing down or giving up in the face of adversity or stress. This adventurous fire sign’s parenting style is just as uniquely cultured as they are, opting to expose their young to multiculturalism and diversity from the womb, from travel to food and the arts of the world. A telltale sign of a Sagittarius-raised child is a fully stamped passport by the tween years, a taste for global cuisine—the more exotic, the better—and fluency in more than one useful language. The ultimate goal for Sagittarius as a parent is raising the next generation of global citizens who are accepting and comfortable around people from all walks of life—just like they are.

Eternal playmates, Sagittarius never seems to grow up, which becomes more pronounced when they become parents. This expansive child of Jupiter is constantly scheming up new adventures to thrust the whole squad into. Vacations are epic experiences that are less about an interesting locale and more about the journey and time spent together. Sag is the sign most likely to scorn a babysitter or nanny, instead toting their little ones along for the ride, no matter how oddly adult the event. Centaurs aren’t irresponsible—they like to share as much social time as possible with their family, exposing their kids to their howlingly wicked sense of humor from the jump. Sagittarii are astutely aware that children learn from observation, aiming to educate their young with real-life experiences.